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Help Please
Thanks Bill. So many, how will I choose just 4? I have a deadline of tomorrow evening, so will let you know which I decide and the response. Meanwhile, keep ‘ em coming all!
Perhaps pick your top ten and then make it into a poll and we can decide for you?
Always in strict uniform
So once again thank you all for your suggestions. I'm afraid there wasn't enough time to have a poll, so I put four of them forward this evening for Mistress' consideration. I might have expected that she had also been thinking of suitable options, and informed me of her decision. Sadly, only one of your proposals, and even then slightly amended, made the final list.

So, at some point soon, I'll be the proud owner of some panties that have adorned on them:
Sissy Cocklette
Milk me Mummy (presumably wearing these will be a rare occurence).
Winky and marbles
Sissy Cuckold Baby

The last one is interesting, as in any discussion on the subject, Mistress has been adamant that our lifestyle remains entirely private and between the two of us, much to my disappointment. Once I am wearing them, I shall have a natural opportunity to see whether there is any softening of this stance. One can but hope!
Never mind, Celeste.

It is great to hear that you have such a creative-minded mistress.  Big Grin You’ll have to show them off for us when you get them.
You know, I think this should be used in other places as well. Our current president here in the States has a proclivity to disrespect and mistreat women, maybe he should have a nice frilly pair that are emblazoned with "Lock 'er up!" over a nice secure chastity cage?
Big Grin Big Grin  I wonder if it might change his stance on certain policy ideas.

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