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Answer the "either/or" question and then leave one of your own.  To begin then:

Would you rather drink a large shot glass of your own cum or a pint of your own piss?   Big Grin

Always in strict uniform
The former without doubt. It would be nice to produce that much to have the opportunity to do so, rather than an inadequate dribble once every three weeks from my very limited milking.
Done both . My own and others .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
I’m not overly enthused by the thought of either but based solely on the size of glass, I will say the former. 

Would you rather spend two hours in a dirty nappy or twelve in a wet one?
Not quite sure we've all got the hang of this as you really need to supply another either/or question to set up the next poster.  However, GG has got it and in reply I say 12 hours in a wet nappy as the other option is one of my definite no-nos.

Would you rather be in chastity in a tight plastic cock cage for a week or be butterfly gagged for five hours?
Always in strict uniform
I would take the chastity seeing as my circumstances mean that my appendage is of little function in any case.

Would you rather get a sex change or swim through an active sewer?  Big Grin
Active sewer, no doubt.

Be a stripper at a male stag do or do a streak at a major sporting event?
Always in strict uniform
If I was going to do one it would have to be a stripper, just to see the reaction from the men when they realise their female stripper has a penis.  Big Grin

Anyone else got a question?
Picking up on a previously discussed theme then.

Would you rather run a marathon in stilettos or visit the supermarket dressed in plastic and rubber?  Big Grin
If it was raining outside the latter but if not, I'd risk being crippled for life and go for the marathon.

Bum plug for the entire day or cock insert for two hours?
Always in strict uniform

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