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Ice cube punishment
I wonder if anyone else has suffered ice cube punishment.

It's when your Mistress or other Domme forces ice cubes up your bottom, and then leaves them to slowly melt.

It's exquisitely painful as the ice is, obviously, so cold. And then as it melts it's like you're involuntarily wetting your knickers.

The dampness can be mitigated by you having to wear a panty pad, or, if she's managed to get a lot of ice cubes up you, a nappy.

For added girly effect, frozen tomato juice cubes make the wearing of a panty liner essential.

If you've never done had this have a go. My shameful record is eigth cubes.
Never had this done, though I used tampons one week out of four for several years, it almost sounds like one would be very useful for just such a punishment.
A tampon stops the leakage, of course, but the shamefulness is to let the cubes leak into your panties, or panty pad.
(06-03-2016, 11:29 PM)Ali Wrote: A tampon stops the leakage, of course, but the shamefulness is to let the cubes leak into your panties, or panty pad.

When I was dressing, my mother was always on the girls and I about keeping ourselves clean. It was part of the reason she bought me my own panties and bras, she thought it unsanitary for us to share underwear. I also had to use thin panty liners all the time (I tended to leave marks in the seat of my underwear that she hated), and she was a strong proponent for tampons for your period since they kept most everything inside instead of dribbling out.
As an alternative have sissy dress in vest and school knickers 

Stand them in shower cubicle or bath

Then tip ice cubes into front and back of school knickers

Make sissy shake knickers so whole of penis and bottom covered 

Then leave in shower hands on head and allow cubes to melt

Block shower door so no escape

Every 30 minutes make sissy re jig school knickers

Whole punishment should take about 3 hours

At the end you will have one very sorry but obedient sissy

School knickers will be soaking and penis will be very small and shrivelled up

Quick shower, nappy, nightie and bed follows
often when soundly spanked with a hairbrush,my disciplinarian will place a sheet of sandpaper I the seat of my panties. walking or sitting is most uncomfortable,with the sandpaper scraping against you tender,freshly spanked bare skin. also a spanking over panties soaked in cold water will raise some nasty blisters and really hurts! rueful Roberta.
I've read of the punishment you describe on Mrs. Birch's website, June...on her site it's referred to as "Ice Panties" and is quite unpleasant...the reason for "jiggling" the ice around in the panties periodically is to prevent getting used to or numb in a certain area and to re-ignite the pain/discomfort.
Not only ice cubes but try a condom filled with water and then frozen. Once inserted it will fill you up very nicely and can be held in place with tight fitting rubber knickers and a plastic nappy. If you want a hot and cold effect, simply rub Vicks or similar onto your front parts before inserting into your cage.
Always in strict uniform
Hey rubber pinafore, you're taking it to the max! Smile
(06-12-2016, 11:16 AM)Tina J Wrote: Hey rubber pinafore, you're taking it to the max!  Smile

I don't do anything of the sort- it is my wife's idea and I get no say in the matter.  It is a very mean punishment and not for the beginner!  TIP:  a suitable gag should be used to prevent unnecessary noise- you don't want the neighbours to call the police now, do you?
Always in strict uniform

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