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Extreme Humiliation- Yes, Another One
It seems one or two of you are quite impressed at my wife's imagination and like how she sets me up to be humiliated in public.  Perhaps this is another example of her meanness (to me). 

In the days before the pandemic, my wife would send me out to the launderette with an entire week's worth of my uniforms.  I would then have to do a full wash and dry and fold each item properly before I could escape back home to safety.  Not too bad, I hear you say?  Well, she would lock me into a tabard and PVC pinny (over my "normal" clothes) and I would have to wear rubber surgical and washing up gloves too.  None of these items could be removed as she would cable tie them in place.

I would then have to spend around a couple of hours dressed like this while waiting for the wash and dry cycles to complete and then as quickly as I could with cumbersome double gloved hands, fold up my overalls and aprons before I could leave.

The service wash lady, well young girl really, was obviously intrigued by me and I would glow bright red wondering what she was thinking.  To make matters worse, I would have to engage in conversation with her as my wife would only give me a twenty pound note and I would have to get change.  To begin, the girl didn't say anything but after a while, and repeated visits from me, she did ask about my appearance.  I had to come out with the most convoluted bullshit and to this day I am certain she didn't believe a single word of it.

My wife made life worse further still by always making me wear a different tabard and apron, another thing that the service was girl remarked on, as she did by observing what I was washing.  "Gosh, you do have a lot of overalls and aprons, don't you?"

I have that joy to look forward to once things go back to how they were pre-pandemic and I am already sweating buckets.   Undecided

Anyone still jealous of my predicament?
Always in strict uniform
She certainly has quite some imagination. I’m sure we’re all dying to know what your convoluted story was - to see if we might have been convinced.  Wink
Why not just tell her the simple truth -- that you're a sissy, totally under your wife's thumb, and that this is your wife's way of humiliating you.  It's much easier that way, and in the end, no more humiliating.  The washerette young lady has probably figured it all out for herself already.  
Big Grin I do like that you get straight to the point - no room in life for sugar coating  Big Grin
Rubberpinafore, I hope your wife punishes you severly for calling her 'mean'. I mean...really?! You chose this lifestyle so you can hardly consider her mean for giving you what you so obviously WANT and NEED. I would 'fesh up and tell her what you wrote on this post. Come on, be a good sissy...
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
But here's the strange thing, I am not a cissy at all.  Nor am I under my wife's thumb, despite how it may seem.

I just happen to have a crippling fetish whereby I am sexually turned on by women's work wear, in particular aprons and overalls.  Especially if my wife is wearing them.  

When she realised "my condition" she decided it would be far more beneficial for both of us if I were to wear the uniform and take on the household chores that befitted a skivvy in overalls, pinny and rubber gloves.  This is what led to the discovery that humiliation and degradation enhanced my arousals further, something I can't explain, understand or even want to.  I am just happy I can be who I am and that my wife indulges me in all manners possible.

My maid's uniform is not cissy whatsoever- no frills or flouncy styles, lightweight silks, satins of chiffons.  I don't wear make up or wigs, try and look or act like a woman and I don't enhance my figure to be more feminine.

My uniforms are robust, practical and professional.  They are severely restricting and not girlie at all.  The overall or nurse dress just happens to be female, as are some of the aprons, but mostly they are just layers of protective clothing which also turn me on.  As I developed into my role, my wife was concerned I would become bored and complacent if she didn't raise the bar and experiment.  In another post I liken my fetishes to drug taking where I need more and more to reach the same high as time passes.  She came up with new ideas, greater ways to humiliate me, added "extras" to my daily uniform (she is such an expert into introducing new items to me- but that will have to be another thread...) and really ensured I was looked after in my own special way at all times.  We discovered both rubber and PVC and incorporated that into my outfits and play time.

Aside form all of the above, I do really consider myself to be fairly normal.   Big Grin

And I should like to make it perfectly clear that I have nothing against cissies or similar.  I am a true supporter of live and let live and for everyone to be happy being just as they are, whether that means slipping into a skirt, snapping on a plastic nappy or tying on a PVC pinny.  Each to their own and let's be tolerant of fashions and ideas that while may not be for you, are perfect for others.

(09-11-2020, 04:55 AM)Girlygirl Wrote: She certainly has quite some imagination. I’m sure we’re all dying to know what your convoluted story was - to see if we might have been convinced.  Wink

Sadly I am out of time but if you remind me next time, I will try and convince you too.    Big Grin
Always in strict uniform
Me thinks he doth deny too strenuously.  Sissy is as sissy doth.  Young washer-girl doth knoweth the truth.  And careth not. 
Quote:  "Does it really matter what I feel?" 

No, it doesn't, but thanks for offering your opinion anyway.
Always in strict uniform
So...back to this convoluted story, then?  Big Grin

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