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Favorite CURTUS Drawing
    I imagine this is me as a young man when my Mom gets fed up with my persistent bed-wertting.
‘You’ certainly do look very sorry for yourself and more than a little embarrassed. On the upside, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about in terms of protecting the bed sheets going forward (those diaper packs are nearly as big as you).  Big Grin
(09-10-2020, 04:43 AM)Fairy Larry Wrote: I imagine this is me as a young man when my Mom gets fed up with my persistent bed-wertting.

It is obvious that this has gone past a persistent bed-wetting - - -
Notice the short baby like (sun) dress with the diaper covers fully on view -
The bonnet and the frilly ankle sox with mary janes -
and the paci with the priceless expression !

Wonder what's with the two shopping bags of stuff from Diaper Darlings -
don't see the obvious diapers but lots of lotions lubrications powders etc.

Love that PLAID outfit - oh for it to be in color - I like PINK PLAID it makes a statement !

Any more drawing by CURTUS - off looking for more - - -
Either that or Larry’s mom is one firm disciplinarian.  Big Grin
One of the many things I hated when I was being 'baby-punished' as a child and a teenager was being taken shopping for nappies.

I was never taken out in anything anywhere near as humiliating as the outfit this poor boy has been put into, but it was still terribly humiliating having to queue up with my mother to buy nappies that were obviously my size.
I can well imagine, Ali. Whether they managed to put two and two together or not, the paranoia on your part must have been overwhelming. Fortunately, my mother wasn’t in the habit of parading my sister and I in that way and our nappies were usually ‘just there’.
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Some brilliant captions there, BABYLOCK. On the one hand, I can’t help but appreciate the artistry that has gone onto these, but on the other it does make me shudder in reminding me of my own petticoating. 

While most of my petticoating was never quite so public (and when it became so following my 18th birthday, in much more adult clothing than has been presented here), some of the outfits and certainly the emotions conveyed by the petticoatees are all too familiar.

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