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Weekend Lockdown
Sorry, I am out of time and will not get access until next week now. I will endeavour to update you all if interested in how the weekend goes then but I am half excited, half dreading it what is due in store for me.

And sissysoft, had I managed to off load into the apron I am sure I would have got away with it. It was missing the pinny entirely and then seeing my mess drip down onto my wife's blouse that really pissed her off.

If only she had also put on her bib (she usually does as we have had mistakes like this before, bit as said, she was running late) it would have been OK too, but I figured I'd keep my trap shut and not mention that in case she got even more upset with me.
Always in strict uniform
That’s quite alright, rubberpinafore. The demands of your wife must come first (as I am sure you would attest more so than anyone). 

I will look forward to hearing what you have to say for yourself next week, however.  Big Grin
OK, briefly (I have a long catch up chore list today) then...

In addition to my usual uniform I was put into a very heavy, rubber poncho with attached hood, which covered me entirely down to my toes. Additional heavy duty rubber gauntlets were also part of my punishment as well as a long PVC apron that reached from neck to ankles. A large and visibly noticeable padlock secured my apron ties at the back. I was gagged of course, but this was mostly hidden by a surgical face mask and I was also allowed to wear tinted goggles that look like sunglasses. The hood was pulled low down to hide as much as possible.

I then had to spend the entire weekend in sweltering heat washing and cleaning all the windows inside and out, front and back. I also had to wash the cars and take care of any outdoor chores dressed like this in constant fear of people walking by. Due to the heat, hydration was a concern, so my wife would bring me bottles of chilled liquids. Most were water but some were my own piss which she had collected via a catheter tube inserted me over night. Regardless of content, she delivered the contents via the feeding tube of the my gag.

After my work was done, I then had to pleasure her throughout the evenings with a new dildo gag and her favoured oral bib set up (details another time) until she was satisfied. All the while I was trussed up in my plastic cock cage, locked down for over three days now.

I was petrified someone would see me but looking back, all they would have thought it was an odd looking person (you couldn't even see if it was a man or woman with the bulk of the poncho) rather overly dressed in PPE (again acceptable during these times) grafting in the red hot heat of the sun. Hood and gag were safely hidden behind the poncho's hood and using water to clean the windows and car, it made perfect sense to wear rubber or waterproof items.

I have certainly felt more humiliated in the past but it was bloody hard work and one I would not like to repeat to often. And the reward was so worth it!
Always in strict uniform
That sounds like incredibly hard work. In the current climate, anyone watching would probably be inclined to put as much distance between themselves and someone dressed as you describe as possible for fear of catching something.  Wink
Yes, hot and very hard work but this time it was a real punishment for making such an accidental mess. I had to be taught a lesson and reminded that I can only let go expressly when permitted. It's safe to say I won't ever off load without my wife's permission again.

I take your point about people probably wanting to keep their distance too- I must have looked like an extra from a sci-fi virus outbreak horror film!
Always in strict uniform

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