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Time Delays
To reply to posts or put up a new thread.  Are they really necessary?  What is their purpose?
Always in strict uniform
Have you tried to post two things in immediate succession? I have occasionally had a ‚Äė6 seconds‚Äô delay warning (which I would assume is a guard against overloading the site?) but nothing that‚Äôs ever interferes with my ability to post generally.
It's to try to prevent mass messaging of spam .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Figured it was something like that. I wonder if it really does work against spam bots or similar though?

And yes, I find I am frequently advised that I have to wait for "n" seconds, which I find frustrating.
Always in strict uniform
Probably the reason for the delay is to give the rest of us a chance to get a word (post-thread) in edgewise.
The problem with being a proliferate poster is exceeding the posted speed limit.  LOL !
Well, I do like to contribute and am not the most prolific poster by far!  And I only visit once a day, so hopefully that will offer everyone a chance to get involved too.   Wink
Always in strict uniform

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