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"Lord of the Prance"

The poor boy had been forced by his mother to wear diapers around the house for weeks. Every day he was powdered, diapered, and paddled to keep him in line. Then one day, his mother offered him a deal. He had been taking Irish dance lessons, and today was the big local competition. “I’m going to dress you up,” the boys mother told him, "and if you perform well, you can stay out of diapers.” That was music to his ears, until he saw the costume he would be wearing. His mother proceeded to dress him in a pair of silver foil bloomer panties, little ankle socks, black shoes, and a silver and green Irish Dancing Dress! She topped it off by putting a silver ribbon in his hair. There was no doubt that this was a boy in a dancing dress, but he was so relieved to get out of diapers that he agreed to wear the outfit.
Then he saw something that shook him to the core: his mother began loading a diaper bag with diapers, plastic pants, diaper pins, powder, and a baby bottle. “I’m bringing these along,” she said. “Just in case.” As they got in the car, she put the bag in the back seat as a reminder.
When they got to the competition, the girls all laughed and giggled at their little cross-dressed friend. They lifted the hem of his dress and were thrilled by his silver foil panties. Then it was time for the dance. Each girl came out and performed. Then it was our little man’s turn. As he came out on stage, all the mothers hooted and applauded. He looked at his mother sitting in the first row. She gently patted the diaper bag under her seat, and that was all the motivation he needed. He danced his little heart out, his little bloomers frequently on display, as the ladies laughed and clapped. At the conclusion, there was no doubt who was the best dancer. The lady announcer came out and placed a costume tiara on the boy’s head, as his little girl friends applauded his accomplishment. The lady said, “We’ve never had a boy win before. Let us see your bloomers again.” The lady lifted the hem of his skirt and the ladies all saw his “little laddie” bulging through his panties! The hostess sat down and turned him over her knee, lifted his dress, and then spanked his bloomer pantied bottom. “Little boys aren’t supposed to wear bloomers and  dresses,” she exclaimed, laying one slap after another on his sissy behind. Pathetically, the little sissy cried and cried as the ladies laughed at his total humiliation. He began to wonder if maybe wearing diapers wasn’t so bad after all!
What a delightfully humiliating story!

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