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Page boy/bridesmaid
You've been promised that you'll be a page boy for the wedding of a family friend.

But a couple of days before the ceremony your mother decides that you are to be petticoat punished. You hope against hope that your punishment will only be for a couple of days, and although your mother dresses you as a little girl, you don't protest, and do everything you can to get your punishment over and done with. You even smile when she asks you to choose the knickers you have to wear.

The evening before the wedding, however, your little sister starts to cry, and claims that you pushed her. You know it's not true, but your mother takes her side, and tells you that you will spend the ceremony dressed as a girl.

As if that isn't bad enough, the dress she has ready for you is the most sissyish creation you've ever seen...

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He’ll certainly regret getting on the wrong side of his mother - screams more ‘flower girl’ than ‘page boy’.  Big Grin 

Incidentally, I did wear both a bridesmaid dress and a wedding dress (albeit not at an actual wedding) as penance for my tomboy sister having to be a bridesmaid some days before so I can well imagine what might be going through his head in that predicament.
Wow Ali! A short tale with maximum effect. Would the boy die to be seen or because he’s seen. What a conundrum. I like it.

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