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Close Shave
Accompanying my wife on one of her many business trips (long before travel restrictions) I was given the option of complete freedom to enjoy the many luxury facilities whilst kept in chastity for our entire stay, or I could wear my uniform and stay in the room to do all the housekeeping chores until my wife finished her meetings.  I chose the latter as long term lock up just did not appeal.

My wife picked out a very severe uniform with all the trimmings (bar hood and gag) ensured it was tightly locked on and off she went, leaving me to clear and tidy up.  I started in the bathroom and was soon hard at it when I thought I heard a noise in the bedroom.  Taking a quick peek, I spotted the chambermaid (nice uniform!) entering the room.

What to do?

In a panic, I put on one of the hotel's dressing gowns which thankfully covered me from head to toe and thrust me rubber gloved hands deep into the pockets.  Tentatively I left the bathroom and approached the maid, stammering that we didn't need housekeeping this morning, thank you very much.  She looked a bit oddly at me until I realised I was wearing a rubber shower cap, so I asked her to please leave as I was just about to take a shower.

Thankfully she did without further comment and I was left to fall onto the bed in a real panic.  I made sure I locked the door as soon as I could move again.

Turns out my wife had left the sign on the door handle requesting housekeeping and found the whole episode most amusing.  She was also rather impressed at my quick thinking and as a reward, she managed to acquire one of the hotels maid uniforms as a surprise present for me.  I can't imagine how she did this without raising suspicions but I have long given up trying to second guess my wife.   Big Grin
Always in strict uniform
You must have felt like the cat that got the cream after that incident. Not only did you narrowly avoid embarrassment (and unbeknownst to her, so did she  Big Grin ) but you also got a new outfit from the deal as well.
Yet another extreme example of the "pleasure and pain" principle.
Always in strict uniform

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