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(09-14-2020, 04:55 AM)Girlygirl Wrote: I think I can probably sense where this is going but just for the record, what do you sense the link between a child being brought up as vegetarian and a child choosing to transgender as being?

I can conceive of the possibility that there is a genetic disposition that has caused parent and child to both exert transgender preferences and am even sure that Kai has learned some skills and attitudes from Liev with respect to this.

A direct connection with this thread however would imply that Kai was brought up as transgender because of Liev’s own preferences which I am quite sure would be illegal and not something that I buy into (or have seen any evidence to back up).

Vegetarianism would better be compared with religion in that both a cultural factors, whereas sex is something that an individual is born with and gender and sexuality things that individuals identify with.

Judging by what you have posted above, I don't think you have sensed where this is going at all.  There is no link whatsoever between being a vegetarian and transgender, other than I am fairly sure a transgender person may wish to be a vegetarian and to a lesser degree, vice-versa, nor I am making that implication.

Neither am I linking the two threads as yet, because no one has posted any objective evidence in the original post over who has decided the child should appear in public dressed as (s)he is.  Is it the child's choice or the parents?  All we have are a couple of pictures of Kai and a lot of opinions.  These are not facts.  I'll be delighted to find out this is his/her choice but I do not take things at face value because of caption-less pictures.

But there  seem to be quite a number of assumptions made about Kai's appearance.  Just because (s)he is wearing a dress does it make him/her transgender or a cross dresser?  Or have I misunderstood the definition of "transgender"?  Don't forget I am from a different age.   Smile   

As an aside, I did look at the pictures on the link to Pinterest and they all (bar one) show the mother, Naomi, with her children.  Would it not seem logical that if any parent has influence, it would be her?  And why is that not illegal in the same way it could be if it were Liev's preferences?

My original question was simply a vehicle do determine who subscribes to indoctrination (I did make that more apparent later on in reply to SissySoft).  I chose a neutral subject as opposed to "religion", based on previous warnings that such a subject is taboo on here- although why, I still don't fully see.  I could also have asked a similar question about parents with racist or sexist beliefs passing on their views to their children but that could have been considered leading the topic in a certain direction which would not have been fair.

Anyway, this thread may not be to everyone's taste but it seems to have generated some interest and I for one have certainly enjoyed some healthy debate and understanding some of my fellow members a little better.
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