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Big Sister is Watching
As you may be aware I am kept in strict uniform by my wife to conduct the household chores.  She will select my daily uniform, help me get dressed and then add any additional items she feels will complete my outfit for the day.  Plugs, gags, hoods, whatever she is in the mood for and that will help me concentrate on the job at hand.

Clearly there is an element of trust that I shall remain so attired throughout the day while she is at work, but to help me avoid temptation, she employs the use of mini padlocks and locks.  An overall or apron that is locked on avoids any temptation for me to remove it and ensures I have no option but wait for my wife's return and her assistance in taking my uniform off.

She also makes me carry a mobile phone so that she can spot check me via video calling.  As soon as the phone rings I pick up and then have to show her my uniform and accessories are in place and have not been tampered with.  Any undue delay results in punishments for me on her return.

This whole instant inspection is obviously very humiliating for me as she also insists on making me give a verbal description on each and every item I am wearing.  From the colour and design of the uniform itself, to asking about my butt plug feels and so forth.  This is one of the few occasions (there aren't many) when it is a bonus being gagged before she leaves, as I am spared the huge embarrassment of describing my uniform to her.

She finds this whole affair amusing.  That's not how I would describe it.
Always in strict uniform
It is a peculiar querk that and one that I have come across myself that the resistance to putting the punishment into words is often greater than actually being subjected to it in the first place. 

She has certainly gone to great lengths to ensure that you remain attired though, and the threat of punishment for even attempting what sounds to be fairly futile in the first place would seem to be more trouble than it’s worth.  Wink
I hated it in the early days and always tried to get out of wearing certain items as often as I could when left alone. This is why my wife started to lock me into my uniform and although I am now completely accepting, the tradition of locking aprons and tabards continues. It's probably a control thing and only really symbolic.
Always in strict uniform
If you tried to get out of what your wife had ordered you to wear then perhaps that's why she felt she had to introduce these additional controls?

When I was a child if my mother had to pop out when I was being punished she would always leave my little sister in charge. Lucy wasn't allowed to discipline me, but she would delight in reporting any misdemeanours to our mother when she returned, and then I'd be in big trouble.

So for me it was 'little sister is watching'.
Do tell, Ali. What qualified as a misdemeanour (and more to the point, what were you guilty of)?  Wink

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