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In Honor of Petticoated.Com
Since there is no Petticoated Sept issue I thought it be nice to remember some of the letters everyone loved over the years. Here are a few recent ones I loved where the women (mother) took control over her brat.

Home Schooling

Petticoated By My Mother and Sister
Great letters, Rad Fem. we are privileged that there is such breadth in the archives to keep us busy during its present absence.  Big Grin
Yes, the variety of letters in the archives cover almost all aspects of enlightening subjects. There is always something for someone, no matter how specialist. As we are seeing on this forum too.
Always in strict uniform
This would seem an appropriate time to express how very grateful I am for PDQ and the forum. There is nothing on the net as uniquely genuine and with such a great history as PDQ. I wish to personally thank Auntie for Her tireless efforts in bringing new stories and letters to us each month. As a sissy, I love the frequent reminder that I am not alone and the frequent reminder of my place in a Woman's world.
Amen to that, Jamie-Anne. It is clear that an immense amount of work goes into it and a lot of passion on the part of Aunt Helga.
Truer words were never spoken sissyjaimeanne! And this forum has added a new dimension to what started as a Quarterly. It's wonderful to be able to communicate like this. Thank-You Auntie Helga and Susan MacDonald!
Fully agree, having been involved with running forums. I can't stress how much tireless work it takes to keep one up and running. Thank you Aunt Helga for the great site and this forum. Special thanks to the moderators who keep the forum up and running. You are all pink star princesses in my book.
Mostly the mice have been good little sissy mice while the Admins are wherever they are ? Just one or two nasty people who have been banned and the usual spammers and bots . I even had time to add some posts and pics .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
I remember a few stories several months ago that were related to mother/son situations. The first was a mother and son that went to a pride parade then agreed to have the son try being his moms sissy maid and she got him everything including a chastity device. The letter was left open ended and I wonder what happened since then. Another was son who went to live with his mother after his dad moved for work and he asked her to petticoat him and she started by getting him a chastity device and sissy dresses. I believe in both situations that the dresses were lockable. I wonder if there has been any updates for these two and if anything else has happened in these two.

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