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No Way, Never, No How
I'd like to think I am open minded and will try most things at least once.  Indeed, my wife and I have.   Big Grin

However, there a couple of things we will never consider.  Scat and a third party joining in our private lifestyle. 

How about you?  Any subjects strictly off the table or taboo?
Always in strict uniform
I will try most things but will consider proposals based on their risk to my health, lifestyle or life. If I considered those in notable jeopardy I would consider that good reason to avoid trying something.
A very elaborate way of completely ignoring the question. If you will try "most" things that implies there are things you will not entertain, which was what this post was trying to establish.
Always in strict uniform
LOL! When I said most it was meant as a coverall statement to cover things which clearly aren’t a good idea and no right minded person would contemplate. For instance, I would put a blanket ban on jumping out of an aeroplane without a parachute. Likewise,  walking in front of a speeding train it is probably fair to say is out as well.  Big Grin 

On a more serious note, where concerns the general topics of this forum, I am open to general experimentation but will consider any suggestions based on their own merits and whether I think they are a good idea or not. 

I guess the short answer you’re looking for is ‘no’.  Big Grin
"‘no’.  Big Grin"

See?  You can be less verbose after all.  Even Bigger Grin

And the topic relates to kinks and unusual lifestyle choices that people simply don't want to try, not life endangering situations.

I'm fairly sure there aren't many who would get sexual satisfaction from jumping in front of a train...  But in this crazy world, who am I to second guess anyone.
Always in strict uniform
It would certainly redefine speed dating.  Big Grin
Way before my time, thankfully.

I wonder how many people ever found true/lasting happiness through this method though? Applying the law of averages, it must have had some success?
Always in strict uniform
I suppose so; there’s always a chance of meeting the right one. If you look at TV shows that have followed a similar format, there have been reports of success. Likewise, the use of dating apps isn’t dissimilar and ‘Tinder’ couples are starting to become a more prevalent feature of society all the time.
Wild horses couldn't drag me in front of a TV showing that kind of "reality" programme.
Always in strict uniform
Can we add that as another thing you have definitely ruled out then? I would need some persuasion myself I think and suspect it would infringe at least one of my guiding rules.  Wink

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