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Nappy humiliation
The ambient noise around you should be enough to cover your discrete gear.
Only in a Library or quiet room are you apt to stir up some noticeable noise.
Probably nothing louder than wearing corduroy pants.
Wearing a dress or skirt especially a short one will present a more significant
noise factor. Think of it as being a downward facing megaphone - noise
bouncing off of tile hard surfaces more evident than carpeted.

And of course what you are wearing over the noise making agenda will
perhaps cause more attention to that whisper of noise.

Oh that is such a cute outfit !
You aren't wearing the rest of the underpinnings (petticoats slips panties) are you ?
Diapers you don't say !
Well I thought so - when you first walked in there was something crinkling swishing !

Carry - On !
When I’m wearing a nappy under a skirt they are generally under tights as well... and when I am stewardessing at least, the floor beneath me is fabric rather than tiled  Big Grin which maybe explains why I haven’t experienced this.

(09-13-2020, 09:36 PM)rubberpinafore Wrote: I don't believe wearing a nappy is visibly obvious in my case as I am in just the plastic outer and no towelling or thicker inside liner, aside from rubber panties.  My concern is being heard as I move as I imagine people around me hear the rustle and creaking of the rubber and plastic sliding over one another.  That is enough to give me the cold sweats as I am sure everyone knows my little secret.
Because you know it is there, you’re always likely to think that until you have enough experience to convince yourself otherwise. The challenge is knowing how much of it is paranoia.
No matter how long I have been going out in a plastic nappy (literally decades) I still cannot convince myself the horrible noise of rubber squeaking over plastic or the rustling and crinkling sounds emanating from me are deaf to the public. Logically, I doubt anyone has the first idea or even cares, but it is the self doubt that will never leave me. To me that is the whole point of the exercise, the self perceived humiliation surrounding my predicament. Much as I hate it, I get off on it too.
Always in strict uniform
It isn't so much the rubber but the plastic that is the noise attenuator.
The cheap cellophane plastic is the worst offender and the shortest on the longevity side.
Using harsh chemicals to wash and clean the gear is not helpful - accelerating the aging of the plastics and even rubber.
The more rigid the plastic the more noise that can be expected.
Neoprene diving suits are perhaps the most quietest of materials except where the pieces and parts rub together out of water.
Adding more clothing (padding) doubling of diapers muffles the sound to some extent.

One's demure while wearing noisy gear maybe the downfall of trying to go quietly unannounced !
Really were you making that much NOISE ?  Is it that obvious ?  Were you set up for this humiliation ?

On another note making NOISE is the highpoint of wearing sissy related clothing and gear.
Sissy One I am not hearing any noise are you doing the job I expect ! You aren't loafing around are you ?
Of course you have that Paci and can't speak --- shake that booty around so I can hear those sleigh (jingle) bells !
(09-13-2020, 08:43 AM)Kristen Wrote: Some rather amusing replies here.

At least none of you seem to be labouring under the delusion that your nappies are inconspicuous when worn under clothing that I sometimes hear from petticoating males. Believe me - they are noticeable!

I'm glad you find our replies amusing, Miss Kristen. I know that part of a sissy's role is to provide amusement for superior females.

I must admit that when I was taken out in nappies, which didn't happen too often, other than to my aunt's house, or the house of another friend of my mother, although I was terrified that everyone could tell I had a nappy on, I hoped against hope that my trousers or tracksuit bottoms would hide my nappied state.

I'd hope that if anyone stared, and it was often young mothers who did, that they weren't looking at my padded bottom and were none the wiser. Inside I knew it was wishful thinking, but it was the only way I could cope with the terrible humiliation.
I know what you mean, Ali. The mental aerobics I used to go through at the time just to find a way of dealing with my situation seem quite futile in retrospect but were entirely necessary at the time. And although our regime was rarely public (prior to turning 18 at least - with a handful of notable exceptions), the risks always felt greater to me at the time than in fact they probably often were.
I'm sure that was part of the punishment, GirlyGirl. The fear of being exposed as having been made to wear a nappy was sometimes as bad as, if not worse than, being seen in a nappy.

When I first started to go out dressed as a girl of my own volition it was the thrill of being exposed that excited me. The reality was that no-one is really interested. If a boy is wearing a nappy, or a skirt and knickers, as long as it doesn't affect anyone else my experience is that no-one really cares.
I’m with you there for the most part, Ali. At 18 I was forced to take that plunge myself (but by necessity of my petticoating regime rather than through choice). There were rarely any comments from strangers (though I wasn’t nearly as convincing then as I am now, so I am sure I would have been noticed). Most of the reaction came from my ‘friends’ / associates and with the path that I chose for myself thereafter, I was more than happy to leave them behind anyway.
These two pics by Charlie sum up all our worst fears and humiliations .

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Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
I love the illustration...certainly you were fortunate to be brought up in such a strict lifestyle. Although being nappied and petticoated as a teenager is humiliating and I'm sure seemed unfair at the time, it formed you into becoming a responsible adult who knows his place.

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