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Nappy humiliation
Charlie's illustrations really do capture the moment, I always enjoy looking at them, and putting myself into poor Julian's place.
They’re certainly moments that the poor depicted will have great trouble living down, Bill. I have never been subject to Educational Infantilism but having occasionally worn a girl’s school uniform to school and in the days when I still cared deeply about my street cred, it took a long time to rebuild after such an occasion.  Wink
When I was nappied by my mother’s friend when I went to stay with her on a number of occasions, she stopped putting on my pyjama top when she dressed me for bed and would instead put me in her daughters nightdress, lay me on the bed and lift it up to put my nappy on, I found it very humiliating for a 11 year old especially with her husband watching, I wonder now if she did it because she liked seeing me embarrassed, or she did it for her husband’s satisfaction while he watched, I did find it strangely pleasant especially when she patted my bottom.
Thank you to everyone for sharing such intimate memories which help me realise i was not the only one subjected to the humiliation of nappy discipline as a child - as other have said, it wasnt so much the bulky towelling nappy- which forced you to waddle like a baby. By far the most humiliating was the noisy clear plastic pull on pants that left tell-tale red marks around the waist and top of the legs as a reminder to be more Obedient.
(10-07-2020, 09:27 AM)Bill Wrote: These two pics by Charlie sum up all our worst fears and humiliations .

Fear of exposure to others, especially girls and those younger than me, was a constant threat when I was being punished in nappies or even frilly panties when I was a child. 

I got to the stage where I could meekly accept being put back into a nappy and plastic baby knickers, as long as no-one else would see me in them. 

Of course my little sister would always see when I had a nappy on, and some of my most humiliating moments came when I had been put back into baby clothes and Lucy would have some of her little friends over.
No matter how many posts i read about babying and nappy or diaper discipline . There was always a ritual in the way it was done . As if to justify the parents or caregivers choices or decisions on the matter . A way not just to humble or humiliate you. But to totally dominate you physically and emotionally . Taking away any excuses you might have for any self determination by taking total control over your very bodily functions themselves . Toileting . Feeding . Personal hygiene and even masturbation . Including everything else from diet to dressing .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
Indeed, Bill - it’s lack of choice and (particularly where toileting is concerned) the inevitability of certain actions that are so effective. 

Of course, up to a certain point you want to fight each new humiliation but there comes a point where humiliation has apexed. From that point onwards, each new humiliation only serves to make one less recognisable and therefore less likely that humiliation will be made public.

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