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Rocks Off
How many of us indulge in our fetishes and not gain any sexual excitement, feeling or release from it?

It's never occurred to me that some of you do what you do without some kind of sexual reward.  Unless it is medically driven?  Indoctrination?

What are your reasons for indulging in your passions, if not sexual?
Always in strict uniform
As stated a few times here, I have a fetish for womens knitwear. Beginning aged 3 and going on from there throughout my life (am now in my late 50s).
When dressed in womens knitwear I don't need or necessarily want sexual release. Nor when admiring women dressed in jumpers, cardigans and the like. Yes, I can enjoy release, but it is not essential. Sometimes it's as simple as enjoying the feel or the look or the warm sense of enclosure that comes from knitwear, rather than fixated on a sexual end. Don't need the fetish object for sexual release - though I love it when it happens. Personally I'd find it limiting if that was the sole objective.
Know thy self, sissy.  Don't whine, don't pine, learn to expand your mind.   
I don’t really have anything that I would describe as a fetish. I enjoy wearing such things as pencil skirts and 50s style vintage dresses but as I live as a woman full time anyway, this is more of a preferred style than a true fetish. 

Similarly, I wear nappies reasonably frequently but for practical reasons and only really because I became so used to wearing and using them during my petticoating that I’ve been able to continue doing so when it has beneficial since.

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