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It's Like a Drug
My fetish for women's work wear such as aprons, tabards, overalls, and uniforms, began as a school kid around the age of 14 r so and has never left me my entire life.  As I got older though I began to notice my cravings for such items began to increase.  In the beginning a pretty girl in a PVC pinny was enough for me to instantly get aroused but into my twenties/thirties it took not just an apron but also an overall underneath and then the addition of a tabard and rubber gloves.  And more.

To me then, my fetish can be compared to taking drugs.  The first high is immense from a very little hit, but each and every subsequent occasion took more and more of the drug to achieve the same effect.  You can just imagine what I have to go through to reach the same pleasure boost I had as a teen, now that I am comfortably middle aged.  Layers and layers.   Big Grin

Anyway, is this how it is for you?  Or are you just a "social" fetishist like some lucky smokers who can indulge as and when they wish and not get hooked?
Always in strict uniform
I don’t really have any major fetishes and whilst I engage in several practices that would for others be fetishes, they are in my case lifestyle choices. In general though, fetishes are something that need to be kept a handle on as whilst in themselves they are rarely too dangerous, the lengths that some find themselves going to in order to reach a high can put if not their physical health then certainly their mental health and that of their reputation in jeopardy. 

To that end, I wonder whether you have done anything while in the mists of arousal that you have later thought to have been not such a good idea.
There have been occasions when I have asked myself why I am so addicted to my fetish(es) but it is far too a complex problem to solve so I just give into it and enjoy the results of a harmless addiction. There have been even more times when I have been so crushingly humiliated in a punishment pinny or in a maid's uniform that I wonder just what is going on? Then I realise I am so sexually excited by the situation and experience the most incredible orgasms.

The sexual release is just so intense and shattering I cannot even begin to describe it and I know could never reach such a release without my fetish.

I can honestly say being in the midst of arousal while in uniform, plugged, gagged or any of the things I get off on has never put me in such a position to consider it is a bad thing or that it is becoming too powerful. My wife controls my fetish for me and knows just how close to push me and then a little more. She will never allow it to control us.
Always in strict uniform

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