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The Cost of Fetish
I couldn’t agree more. Given that women themselves are more likely in general to wear trousers than skirts or dresses these days (which in itself would have been seen as a form of crossdressing only a hundred years ago), it seems staggering that a man in a dress would be seen as such an imposition.
(09-14-2020, 01:04 AM)Yvette-Louise Wrote: I'm pleased that things have worked out well for you Bhuna.
Sadly what you have written is very true and reflective of society. Male cross dressing is still seen as taboo and is very much misunderstood. Your story about not telling family and friends is very common and is what I alluded to by mentioning isolation and fear. 
I know of two cross dressers, one has been married for over forty years but has never told his wife. He feels like he has betrayed his wife but is just so scared what her reaction would be. The other one is fifty and has never had a girlfriend because he believes that no woman would have him.
Two lives that in there own ways have been ruined by anticipating what someone's reaction may be. Its so sad.
Personally I have found the cross dressers that I have met to be lovely engaging people whose company I have enjoyed immensely but then again almost everyone I have met within the fetish scene has been lovely.
It is just so sad that some or even many women can not see the many advantages to having a man that wants to wear a dress. 

If there was a "post of the week award", this would win hands down.
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