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The Money Shot
Part of my daily (and quite disgusting) routines is my feeding time when my wife delights in force feeding me all of my ejaculations I have managed that day.  However, due to advancing years and sometimes just general fatigue due to a demanding work schedule, I am not always able to provide a suitable volume of discharges.  In such circumstances, my wife will make up a batch of fake semen to enhance my "enjoyment".  I think I posted up a YouTube video on here of a young lady making this but if you can't find it, here's the gist.
  • Make up a solution of corn flour and gently heat until it thickens
  • Allow to cool- using a fridge will speed up this process
  • When cooled, add an egg white and either some sour cream or yoghurt and mix well
  • Add salt to taste
Load into a syringe or using a spoon, proceed to feed to your victim but be warned.  An apron and bib plus rubber gloves are essential as your fake cum may be making a very quick reappearance.  It is quite vile but very accurate.

For  final touch, add a fresh spurt to give a hot/cold contrast and really make them suffer.
Always in strict uniform
It really warms the heart to learn that someone on this earth has used their valuable time to develop a recipe for ‚Äėfake semen‚Äô.¬† Big Grin¬†

Seriously, that does sound quite disgusting.

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