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Milking baby .
During a nappy change i was milked/masturbated . No matter where it was or who was there . Has any other baby boy or girl been milked in front of others during a nappy change ?
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
No. Not really. My wife will get as kinky as humanly possible with me, but she set the pace long ago that our play must be private or not at all.
This attitude is not born of shame, but respect for our private time.
I have suffered incalculable hours of erotic suffering as the result of playing by her rules. Her rules have evolved into our lifestyle. I constantly live under threat of chastisement in some form or being chastised, but never with others.
At her insistence I have managed to actually sleep with a complete layer of small brush rollers adhered to a special hairnet. At first she presented it as a threat, then required the punishment net for short private intervals. The intervals grew longer and with the erotic threat of spending ever longer durations sitting under our vintage Bonat hairdryer, I did manage to wear the brush rollers all night, getting very little sleep. The requirement can vary: If she milks me at bedtime, it is easier to get to sleep, but in my mind the erotic game is over. If I am disallowed orgasm, my willingness to accept the pain of the brush rollers continues as an erotic scene. My wife insists that she slept in rollers all through high school. She believes that penance is due all men as payback for all the discomfort women have had to endure simply to be eye candy for men. The thing is that she has no intention of requiring all men to suffer, only me. While these games began as my idea, my wife has not only met me halfway, but derives some deep fulfillment in controlling my contribution in the form of suffering.
This extends to wearing a girdle quite often, but with enhanced suffering. Hot stockings during the summer (like now) is often required of me.
I didn’t mean to go on and on about this as your original question was regarding diapers.
I am also required to wear cloth diapers with a PVC diaper cover on some days.
Nice post Salonslave and not too far from my wife's principles. Our chosen lifestyle is a personal choice and does not involve outsiders. Small doses of public humiliation are included but only at my wife's discretion. And as with your wife, mine will apply the same "what's good for the goose..." mantra. How I wish I hadn't been so insistent on her swallowing and not spitting, for example.

PVC or plastic nappy for me only though, usually with the addition of rubber panties too, but no one is present during changes or discharges.
Always in strict uniform
How I wish I hadn't been so insistent on her swallowing and not spitting, for example. [Quote] 

We live and learn, I guess.  Big Grin
Yes- the hard way! It still makes me gag, even after all these years of having to comply.
Always in strict uniform
Curiously, I have found that being spoonfed is much more bearable. I think it's the fact that the spoonfeeding itself continues the humiliation scene. With milkings relatively infrequent I'm just so glad to have had the release that I'm very willing and compliant for whatever follows. I wouldn't say I look forward to "Now open wide as baby needs to drink up his milkie so mummy doesn't have any mess to clean up" but I accept the inevitable with good grace.

Of course, it helps that it's only a small dribble these days.
I guess I'm lucky that all of my weewee and stickies are into my nappies although I have had my damp nappies under my nose while getting spanked by Daddy and one time had some daytime nappies over my head in the corner.
I have never been milked by my mummy in front of others but I have been changed many times in front of her friends and even her friends have changed me as well. I am taken out all the time dressed as a small child or baby and my mummy actually makes my baby clothes for me. 

    My nanny feeding me at a lagoon.

    My Mummy bathing me outside as it is very hot.

    Mummy putting me in my rocking horse.

    Mummy insisted on taking me shopping during lock down in my harness. One baby on here sold me and I hope he sees this post to see his harness is being used well.
Some great photos there, Babybunnykins; it seems to be a very authentic lifestyle you have there.
(09-08-2020, 05:03 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: Some great photos there, Babybunnykins; it seems to be a very authentic lifestyle you have there.

I did have, alas this fake and government drive to take over our lives put an end to that. No work and no money forced me to return here and claim my pension after 50 years away from here. What a shock seeing the country in the condition it is in now. Oh well I will still wear my nappies, go to the demonstrations against the lock down, wearing of masks and covid. Will be at Trafalgar Square on Saturday, making a poster this week. Anyone going let me know. Love to meet other babies that care about freedom of our society.

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