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Spotted by the Postman
(08-25-2020, 12:54 AM)rubberpinafore Wrote: I'd define a public place as anywhere that is not in your private home or residence.  At a push in a dedicated club but even that may fall foul of the law in regards to running a brothel or some such.

I doubt you'd be able to shag any more freely in public view on a nudist beach than in Times Square.  Both would bring attention from the police should you be caught/reported, but I would imagine that is precisely the reason some prefer this kind of activity- the thrill of potentially being caught.
Quite possibly but I think you would still find the penalties would be more stringent in one circumstance than the other. And then of course you have to factor in local laws - nudist beaches are probably quite difficult to find any evidence of in countries with secular based legal systems.

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