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Schoolgirl uniform
(05-02-2018, 06:07 AM)adultschoolgirl Wrote: For me its the memories of being naughty and quite regularly having to wear my sister's school uniform, including pale blue blouse, tie, cardigan, pleated skirt, gym knickers ... to 'keep me well-behaved' . Everything fitted except her school socks and sandals, but to add to my embarrassment my mum would get me white knee-socks and the most childish black slip-on plimsolls.

I had a similar experience my sister was a couple of years older than me, her uniform didn't fit, but I was often made to wear her gym kit as a punishment, she took great delight in bringing her friends round when she knew I'd be wearing the kit it was so embarrassing, like Adultschoolgirl her plimsolls didn't fit, to add insult to injury she was sent with me to buy replacement's, her friend worked in the shop they giggled as I was made to try on some girlish looking black slip on plimsolls, to cut a long story short after we'd dated a few times we married
Wearing a girl’s uniform was something I was no stranger to either, though in my case it was my friend’s rather than my sister’s. This mostly took place at her house where we would wear each other’s uniform while doing homework but in the event we failed to complete before school the following day, we would have to attend in each other’s uniform and for me that meant the girl’s uniform. 

In the event that PE took place on the given day, I would be wearing her sports kit as well which also included a skirt.
(10-13-2016, 06:40 PM)Ali Wrote: What's your favourite kind of schoolgirl uniform to wear?

I love my little pleated gymslip, regulation nylon knickers, woolly tights, lacy white bra, white blouse, v-neck jumper and Mary Jane sandals. It's bottle green, just like my little sister's uniform I was made to wear as a child. 

But I also have some plain white cotton school knickers, some white lacy vests, some white knee length socks, a gingham summer dress, a knee length pleated skirt, a blazer and a little cardigan. I've also got a leotard and a netball dress for games.

I wore a tartan miniskirt and white blouse to an adult party last night. My white lace top stockings got plenty of compliments but I think it was the white ribbons when I put my hair in bunches that really stole the show. I was delighted to get an over the knee spanking from the "headmaster" for forgetting to wear a tie. Diane
My mother’s friend kept an old pink gingham school dress which she called the punishment frock; if ever her daughter was ever naughty she would have to go and put it on and come back downstairs for her punishment. On a few occasions when I had been naughty I would have to wear it for a punishment, no matter who was present. I used to dread the knock on the front door whenever I was wearing the dress. It was the only school dress I ever wore.
I had to wear my younger step sisters school pinafore that zipped up the front a few times. This was embarrassing as it was too small and she loved it when I was made to wear it. My step mother took great delight in demonstrating that she was in charge.
Were you put into such outfits on a whim or could you point to things you had done to warrant such treatment?
(04-26-2021, 04:31 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: We’re you put into such outfits on a whim or could you point to things you had done to warrant such treatment?
It was always as punishment but I didn't seem to have to do much wrong. Sometimes very trivial. 

Sissy Steffi

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