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A Part Time Job at The Leggings and Boots Boutique
Yes Princess Alice force them into prom dresses!
No doubting whose side your on, then.  Wink
(11-21-2020, 06:28 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: No doubting whose side your on, then.  Wink

But of course! Now my dear friend Nicole May or may not agree with me but I think that Princess Alice has the right idea. Although I’m very new to all of this. I have to say that if I owned a sissy she would be in pretty frilly dresses. As for the leggings and boots we’ll leave that for me to wear.
“Janice in order for me to do my training I’m afraid Sissy Nicole here will have to come live with me.” Live with Princess Alice and Sissy Sally I thought. It sounded like a dream come true. “If that’s what you think would be best and most effective Princess Alice. When will you be taking her?” “Right now actually, and don’t worry we don’t have to do any big moves or anything. I won’t be taking any of her clothing or things with her. I have an array of dresses for her to wear.” “Well whatever you think is best Princess Alice.” My mom and sister were like hypnotized robots now and I was too. There was a small part of me that knew that this was wrong but it was a very small part of me. We said our goodbyes and I took Princess Alice’s purse and we got into her car where Sissy Sally waited for us. “Are we a family now?” “Of course we are Sally! You and Nicole will be sissy sisters living under my command forever!” With that we drove off into the sunset leaving nothing In our way!

The End!

That was the second alternate ending and it will be continued as a spin-off called Sissy Nicole’s Trails and Humiliations at the Girly Girl Salon! Thank you everyone!
Sweet ending Thank-you Sissynicole117 for the Thrill’s ‘n’ spills am looking forward to the new story.
(11-22-2020, 04:46 PM)afp Wrote: Sweet ending Thank-you Sissynicole117 for the Thrill’s ‘n’ spills am looking forward to the new story.

Thank you so much afp! It might be a while before they get put in processes. I have about four other stories that I will be finishing before I write them!
Lovely endings, Nicole and a great story all round - can’t wait to see how things progress at my salon.  Wink

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