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A Part Time Job at The Leggings and Boots Boutique
Hi Emily I’m here for my first day of work! “So, you are well as you know in Emily and that’s Jessica!” Jessica was currently modeling but she can’t up to me and said hello. She was wearing brown boots, black leggings, a black turtle neck, a flannel shirt, and then a blue vest over the top. “Hey Nick I didn’t think a boy would ever apply to work here. Well I really need a job Jessica and I’m excited to start. “Well that’s good. Nice to meet you but I gotta get back out their.” “She’s the store model and I work the cash register and I guess you’ll be working the floor.” Okay Emily what does that entail? “Just simply helping the customers with whatever they will ask of you! What I would do first is too look around and make sure everything is nice and neat.” So that was that and I was on my own and I scanned the floor too make sure everything was neat. I sadly had to end up folding multiple pairs of leggings that were messed up completely. When I first touched them I was surprised by how the material felt on my hands. They actually felt pretty nice.

“Having fun?” Oh sorry Ashley I was just folding these. “And admiring how they feel I see?” No no not at all. “It’s okay if you were. They do feel great I can assure you. Anyway I was coming over here to tell you that you were doing a great job! Soon the customers will be coming in and you need to be ready. Okay?” Yes of course Ashley! She wasn’t wrong because about ten minutes after we spoke the customers piled in and I walked the floor. I had gotten a few strange looks from the customers but I’m assuming it was because they weren’t used to seeing a boy work here. “Hello! I require some assistance young man.” An older women approached me and asked that I get her pair of boots she was anting you try on. Okay I’ll go get the ladder. She wanted a pair of brown riding boots and we did have some in her size and I retrieved it for her. Here you go Miss. she then sat down and asked “Well what are you waiting for? Zip them up my feet now!” I was stunned that I had to do this and embarrassed because Claire was right. I took off the shoes that she had on before and put the boots over each foot and then zipped them up to her knee. Well what do you think miss? “Ehh I don’t like them! Take them off please!” She sat back down and I took them off and put them back. “Well what are you waiting for? Put my shoes back on now young man!” Stunned I said yes Miss right away.

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Getting bosses around by the customers, already. It’s only a matter of time before a customer will want something modelling.  Wink 

Judging by his attitude to rearranging the shop floor before though, there may already be signs that he won’t be quite so averse to this when it happens.
Just wait till Claire comes in to shop!

My first day of work was over and I went out to Claire’s car. “Hey before you get in here’s my debit card I need to new pair of leggings. Go pick it out for me! Size four!” Oh come on Claire I want to go home! “Can you just do this one thing for me I’m giving you a ride after all.” Fine! So, I walked back into the shop and picked out a pair of leggings for Claire and walked to the cash register. “Your buying leggings Nick?” They are for my sister Emily she’s out in the car. “Oh well it would totally be okay if you were. I don’t judge. You actually would probably be like a size two.” Thanks Emily but I’m fine. “Okay that will be sixty dollars.” Sixty dollars for these? “They are really high quality trust me.” Okay whatever it’s not my money. She rang me up and I went back out to the car. Claire those are really expensive! “Yup but they feel great! Anyway how was your first day?” It was okay I worked the floor. “Ha you did? Let me guess you put on boots for women?” My face turned bright red and she knew the answer. “Ha I told you that would happen. Yup you’ll be zipping up boots for a while, and soon you will be doing mine.” I’ll never do that Claire “Well you’ll have too if I’m a customer. You don’t want Ashley to fire you do you?” No Claire I don’t. “Good then it’s settled.”

I was so angry with Claire when I got home. Why did she always have to tease me. I really hope she wasn’t serious about coming into the store and having me do that. I don’t know if I could take such humiliation. It’s bad enough doing it for strangers but my own sister would be bad. That night I had a terrible dream that I was putting on and taking off Claire’s boots but not at work at home! I was doing it by choice also which was really terrifying. “Okay Nick I’m ready to take my boots off for the day.” I rushed to Claire’s room too take them off. After I had taken them off Claire she then decided she wanted them on. “Good now take them off again!” Yes of course Claire. “And now back on!” I did it again and again. “Isn’t this perfect you being under my control?” Yes Claire!
I woke up that morning full of sweat and I rushed to take a shower so I could get to work on time. “Look at this both my kids getting ready for work!” “Yup I do IT work and your soon plays around with girls clothing.” “Oh Claire he does not! Now take your brother to work!” “So I wonder how much boots you’ll put on today?” Maybe none Claire “Yes or maybe a lot. Who knows maybe I’ll have free time and I’ll come in and you’ll do it for me?” Claire why can’t you just let’s this go? “Why? Because it’s just simply so much fun for me! Now get out!” I walked into work and Ashley, Jessica, and Emily were all standing at the cash register discussing something. “Ahh Nick just the person we were looking for! So you did great yesterday you really did but the girls here noticed something. You not really too fluid when it comes to taking boots in and off so we have an hour before the store opens and you’ll be practicing with Jessica here!”

Jessica today had on a long black tunic, black leggings, and knee high black boots. She sat down on a chair and Ashley and Emily looked on and I practiced for a whole hour. “Wow this is kind of nice girls! My personal boot boy. Always taking off my boots and putting them on for me.” I was so humiliated as the girls looked on. “Yeah he can practice on me tomorrow and then Emily the next day. You also should consider practicing on your mom or sister at home.” I would never do that! “Well you might have too but will see how you do today. You still look shaky.” Can I run the cash register instead? “No the new person run the floor! Unless you’d rather trade places with Jessica?” No! I’m all set!

Work was so busy that day as girl after girl piled into the store. Many of which were asking for help and most were pleasant aside from a group of teenage girls that came in. Most of which were wearing love pink hoodies and black leggings with UGGs. The group spread out through the store and one came to me asking for assistance, or rather my opinion. “What do you prefer UGGs or those riding boots?” Well I think I like the riding boots better. “Hmm a man with an opinion on girls footwear. Seems a bit weird to me!” How’s that weird I work here! “Haha that’s so weird in itself!” Can I help you with anything? If not can you move along please. “Actually since you asked I’d like to try on those thigh high black boots please. I’m a size five!” I sighed and climbed the ladder to go the boots. She sat down and kicked her boots off and said “Go on put them on!” I struggled a bit with the thigh highs but I eventually got them on. She good up and I was embarrassed because I’m those boots she towered over me. “I really really like these and look at how tall I am. God I tower over you. I want to go show my friends here take my purse and follow me.” She threw her purse at me and I followed her obediently.

“Wow girl those are great!” “Yeah I love them! Wait who’s that and why is he caring your purse?” “Oh him he’s just a store attendant it’s part of his job. I’m buying these follow me please.” I followed her to a Emily and held her purse out for her as she said and she took it back and her and her friends left. “Wow you just let that girl walk all over you.” No I didn’t she was a customer. “We normally don’t carry our customers hand bags around the store for them.” I didn’t know that Emily. “It’s fine I’m just giving you a hard time. Here carry mine to the break room for me.” She laughed and walked away and once again I was left feeling embarrassed. She did leave her purse at the cash register and I looked at it. Did she expect me to follow her with it?

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I stared at the purse for a little while and had a snap decision and I picked up the purse and carried it to the break room. “Omg you actually carried it for me?” Well you said that I should! “It was joke but I’m flattered that you would actually carry it for me, but can you take it back?” Yes of course in sorry Emily! I felt like an idiot and I was embarrassed that I actually just did that. The floor still continued to be crazy busy as more and more girls came in throughout the day. Nothing was humiliating as the group of teenage girls but there was another middle aged women who came in the had a question about the leggings. “Do they run small?” I don’t know miss I’ve actually never worn a pair. “Well what size are you?” Well I’ve been told I would be a size two. “Yes hmm that seems about right you are pretty petite, and of course I can’t try on a pair. Wait can you?” Well I don’t think I can and I wouldn’t want too. “Why not are they not good quality?” I can assure you that they are. “How would you know you’ve never worn them!” I can assure you that they are! “I would like you to put on a pair please!”

I was backed into a corner and didn’t know what to do until an idea struck me. Actually now that I think of it our model Jessica at the front of the store has a pair on. “I guess that acceptable! Although you might want to consider me a bit nicer to customers!” I’m sorry but I can make it up to you! We offer complementary purse carrying! “Really? I like that! Here take it and follow me!” Yes of course Miss and I followed her to Jessica and stood their for the conversation. Eventually Ashley came out into the store. “Did you find everything okay today?” “Well yes and no this young man over here refused to do as I asked but Jessica here is amazing.” “What did he refuse to do?” “I asked him to put on a pair of leggings so I could see how they fit but he said no!” “Is this true Nick?” Yes Ashley. “Then go put on a pair for our guest please.” But Ashley “Do IT!”
I can’t believe I was about to do this as I stared at the leggings. I was nervous that if I didn’t do this Ashley would fire me. So I took off my pants and underwear and I pulled the leggings up my legs and I was shocked that I didn’t hate it. It felt like I wasn’t wearing anything at all. Although the hair on my legs were a bit irritated. I walked to the the front and felt a bit of a swish but not a crazy amount. “Oh look at that! Yes I think that I would look good in those. Walk around the store please!” Ashley isn’t this enough. “No! Now does as she says.” I did and I walked up and down the store aisles as she watched me. “Yes I’ll take a couple of pairs. I’m the same size as him! And I must say you have quite the bubble butt young man!” “Yes he does I’ll go ring you up!” Can I go change now Ashley? “I suppose so and I guess you can clock out as well.

“I can’t believe that you just let Ashley do that to you.” What was I supposed to do Emily she was going to fire me. “No she wasn’t she was testing you and you failed. She now knows that she can walk all over you and ask you to do anything. What about that customer too. You let her make you try on girls clothing!” I was just nervous Emily! “Well you better be careful. I’ll see you tomorrow.”
You must need a rest after all that (and Nick certainly does). That’s certainly made things more tricky for him at the store... and if it gets back to Claire, he’s toast.  Wink
(08-16-2020, 04:29 AM)Girlygirl Wrote: You must need a rest after all that (and Nick certainly does). That’s certainly made things more tricky for him at the store... and if it gets back to Claire, he’s toast.  Wink

Definitely and he’ll look like the cutest slice of toast ever,  fun fun fun
Claire could never know that I wore leggings for a customer at the store. She wouldn’t let me forget it! She picked me up at the same time as always, but this time she got out of the car. Claire what are you doing? “I want to go in and shop!” Claire the store is closing everyone is leaving. “No it looks like Ashley is still there. Let’s go!” I sighed as she dragged me into the store and Ashley looked surprised. “Nick I’m surprised too see you again we are closing.” I’m sorry I just told my sister Claire here that same thing! “Oh this is Claire your sister! Never mind we can stay open a bit for her to shop around!” “Thank you so much Ashley! My mom has told me so much about you.” “Only good I hope?” “Of course!” “So, what are you looking for here today?” “I could use a few new pairs of boots. Mine are all old and scoffed up.” “Nicholas show her the way to the boots please!” Luckily she didn’t have me carry her purse for her. That would have been too much humiliation.

“So, what do you think Nick? Brown or black boots? Which do you prefer?” I put my head down and I said that I prefer the brown boots better. Sadly enough that was true I thought they paired better with black leggings then the back boots did. “Well what are you waiting for? Go get your sister a pair of brown riding boots!” Yes of course Ashley. I climbed up the ladder and grabbed the pair she requested. My sister Claire sat down and moved her feet out. “Well go on take your sisters boots off and put on the new ones. I un zipped my sisters old boots one at a time. She looked down with a huge smug smirk which ripped through. What was worse was a feeling of pleasure went through me. I put the new boots on and zipped them up one at a time. It’s like something clicked on inside my brain, and I knew I couldn’t ever admit it. I liked putting my sisters boots on. She got up and walked around the store. “Well how do you like them Claire?” “I love them Ashley!! They are such high quality! Would it be okay if I try on another pair? Do we have time?” “Of course we could stay here for hours! After all your family member works here. Let me just go close up the front and we could have a private session!”

“I think i want to try on those thigh high black boots. I’ve never owned thigh high boots before.” “Oh you will absolutely love them. Nick get them now please!” Yes Ashley right away and I found myself climbing the ladder. This was so humiliating for me as I was almost waiting on my sister hand and foot and I wasn’t even getting paid for it. “Okay you no the drill take off your sisters riding boots!” Another wave of enjoyment hit me as I took them off but then I struggled to get the thigh high boots on my sister. “Pull them up Nick they should slide gracefully up the leggings. That was just pathetic you need more practice clearly.” I felt such shame as Ashley berated me in front of Claire. “May I make a suggestion Ashley?” “Of course Claire!” “Why don’t we have him practice on me at home? All he does is watch tv and play video games. He should be getting better at his job.” “I couldn’t agree more Claire. Nick when at home you will take off and put on your sisters boots whenever she asks!” But Ashley that’s at home! I’m not getting paid for that! “Well if you don’t do it you won’t be getting paid at all! I can’t have my floor worker struggle at the basics! Understand?” She was practically yelling at this point and I felt so small in my life. All I could do was mutter a yes Ashley.

“Go on Claire model them around the store.” My sister walked around the store gracefully with a smug smile on her face. She came and got what she wanted. “I actually really like the thigh highs! Very elegant but I can only get one pair.” “Oh don’t worry I’ll just deduct it from your brothers pay check! He can treat you too them.” What? Ashley I need that money! “Well your sister needs the boots! Are you defying my orders?” No of course not Ashley! Ashley was actually beginning to scare me a little bit. I’ve never seen her like this before. “Okay good! Claire do you need anything else? Leggings? Boot socks? Tops?” “I could use a few new pairs of leggings! A girl can’t simply have enough!” “No problem what size are you?” “I’m a four!” “Perfect Nick go pick out let’s say two pairs.” I walked to rack and picked out two pairs but I didn’t realize that I grabbed a pair that was a size two. “Now let’s you ring you up.” Ashley ran everything through the scanner and the price was astronomical. “Perfect it’s five hundred dollars and I’ll deduct it all from Nicks pay.” “Thank you so much for everything Ashley!” “Of course no problem any time! Nick carry her bags to the car!”
And so it begins; his two lives merge together. I wonder if Nick and Claire have the same shoe size (things could get quite interesting at home if they do).  Wink 

But in any case, he has a bit of a tormentuous evening ahead of him, maybe.

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