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Age regression
(02-19-2020, 11:46 PM)Ali Wrote: There's no doubt that being forced to use your nappies for what they're intended is incredibly humiliating.

When I was dressed completely as a baby, in nappies, baby knickers and a baby dress or onesie it was mostly in private (although there were occasions when I was dressed like that at my Aunty Jane's house).

It wasn't uncommon, however, for me to be put back into nappies and plastic baby pants under my shorts or trousers and be taken out. When that happened I was never allowed to use the toilet - I had to use my nappy.

It was SO humiliating having to let go and flood my nappy, knowing that I'd have to stay in my wet nappy until we got home and Mummy could change me.

Sometimes she'd offer me the choice of having my nappy changed in the baby change room, but after the first couple of times of being stripped off and changed in front of other mothers and their babies I tended to opt for staying in my wet nappies.
I sympathise Ali, I really do. For the most part I was in nappies while wearing a dress (which put the focus on the dress rather than the nappy) but I too have had to wear nappies under boy clothes. There is no way of hiding them and everyone knows that you are a teenager in a nappy.

The experience of having to wear nappies all the time for two weeks straight while fourteen though was something else as it meant having to use nappies for all purposes (and continue to wear them for a further hour after use). You had to plan ahead as the last thing you wanted was to mess yourself shortly after lights out and have to lie in it until morning.

Because we were on holiday, there was many a time when Zi would mess myself as we were paying the bill at a restaurant. Yes, it meant a twenty minute walk back with my own faeces sloshing around in my nappy, but far better than twelve dubsequent hours trying to sleep in it.
Thank you for your sympathy, Girlygirl.

If you haven't experienced it it's hard to imagine the shame of being a teenage boy forced to wear and use a nappy, with the constant worry that it might leak and there be a tell-tale damp patch on your trousers or tights, depending on what you'd been made to wear over your nappy.

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