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Colours of the Rainbow
As I may have mentioned, my wife will also wear aprons to arouse me and to keep her normal clothes clean.  She will also wear full uniforms on the weekend when she is not in the office and has more time, but that is a thread for another time.

The apron she chooses for whatever particular task she has in mind will depend on what is required but they are usually either PVC or rubber, cotton or nylon.  The former associates with wet work, the latter with dry.  But she also has a colour code which clues me into what to expect.

Brown means trouble for my back passage, so either an enema (PVC or rubber), dildo insertion (nylon) or pegging (cotton with the strap on fastened over the pinny).  

Yellow or white it's the front end, again a waterproof pinny for urethral tube insertion, caging or locking on a plastic nappy.

Pink or blue are my favourite colours as they involve sexual relief, or being put into my own uniform.

Green (latex or PVC) is for any medical procedure and being gagged or hooded.

Black/grey (PVC or nylon) is for force feeding unless it's the weekend when it's an all white dinner lady uniform.

Red is the dangerous colour as it usually involves my punishment.

This is only a rough guide, to keep me on my toes she likes to mix up the colours to fool me.

Do colours play any part in your passions?
Always in strict uniform
It always intrigues me when systems get mapped out to this extent; she has obviously given things a lot of thought. I can’t say I recall colours having been used to specifically represent any job or punishment, but have certainly had my fair share of feminine uniforms over the years, from my friend’s school uniform which I had to wear to complete homework (and occasionally to school) to the secretary uniform that was used as a punishment method and eventually as the enforced uniform for my daily crossdressing aged 18 onwards and of course the air stewardess uniform that I have come to love in my new lifestyle.

Uniforms are key in giving one a sense of purpose and I suppose if you are doing a range of jobs that necessitates the use of more than one, colour coding is as positive a tool as any.
My wife has been at this game for many a year and is always thinking out ways to keep things fresh. This approach whets the appetite.
Always in strict uniform
The only role colour plays with me is in being part of equally unappealing choices, ie pink trousers or a blue skirt.
(08-11-2020, 09:56 AM)Bonzodoug Wrote: The only role colour plays with me is in being part of equally unappealing choices, ie pink trousers or a blue skirt.
Well for me it would have to be the skirt (but that’s done to the fact that I seldom wear anything but skirts and dresses).

I suppose you could console yourself with the fact that at least in pink trousers you might be mistaken for an avid golfer.  Big Grin  

As a matter of interest, what IS your preference?
I would rather be outed as a sub than as a golfer! Depends on the colour shade, and the cut!
(08-11-2020, 12:10 PM)Bonzodoug Wrote: I would rather be outed as a sub than as a golfer! Depends on the colour shade, and the cut!
A good walk spoiled, eh?  Wink 

FWIW, I don’t think you’re alone in that and there’s certainly no shame in it.
(08-10-2020, 12:51 AM)rubberpinafore Wrote: Do colours play any part in your passions?

When my wife declares that school rules are in effect, meaning that I am to wear school uniform unless and until she directs otherwise, my uniform is bottle green (unless I’m in primary school uniform for some reason, when it’s maroon). But the colour of my knickers depends on whether she’s teasing me with my fantasy of the girls at school dressing me up as a girl or whether she’s sending me back to school because I have lessons to learn. If it’s the former, then my knickers will be navy blue, like the junior girls at school had to wear. If the latter, both my knickers and tights will be bottle green, because as she says, if she was designing a bottle green school uniform, it would be bottle green all the way down.

What difference does it make? Well, either way I can be sure I’m not going to be touched while in school uniform, and certainly not allowed to cum any time soon, but navy blue knickers suggest there will be more verbal teasing and more time in PE kit being edged, while bottle green knickers imply more time in school uniform being ignored, less in PE kit being touched, and that detention and essay writing are on the cards.
Colour is never more important than in the adherence to a uniform and is very effective in associating certain colours with certain jobs or roles. 

Which colour uniform do you prefer to be wearing?
I once read about a relationship where the nail polish was the signal. If the nail polish was red, he was going to get it. The darker the red, the worse the spanking.

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