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What has been your worst humiliation?
(10-13-2016, 04:31 PM)sissy paula Wrote:
(10-13-2016, 01:20 PM)Wendy Jane Wrote: Although sissy babies often fantasize about being humiliated the reality can be very different. As Mummy's baby girl I have sometimes found my treatment in front of her friends to be excruciatingly shaming to the point that I start to cry real tears and spontaneously soak my nappy. It makes me feel so awful and yet I know I desperately need to be a sissy baby.

What has been the worst humiliation for other sissy babies on this Forum? Did you really feel ashamed and cry, or did you actually enjoy it when it happened? I would love to know.

Wendy Jane


As a sissy girl my very recent series of humiliations which are ongoing are being instructed to wear very sissy outfits, then be taken outdoors from my home and photos taken of me near to where I live and outside my neighbours homes. It is extremely humiliating; I do feel very embarrassed, ashamed but do enjoy it, also on several occasions I was seen by a number of people. I’ve been told for the next time outdoors I will wear a suitably short skirt or dress with multiple nappies, an xl pad with a pair of my plastic baby panties so they are very visible and noticeable.

Paula xx
More pictures PLEASE curtsy and best if full length showing those Pretty plastic baby panties and diapers,
(07-14-2017, 08:53 PM)Hollynaughtysissy Wrote: A couple of years ago I met a married guy he was 65yo and turned me on lots,i started doing everything he told me to do and met him as a sissy in a laugh and he took me to his second house. Was the best weekend I've ever had, from the start he had me on full show in public walking from the car park then inside he put a lead on me walked me around like a dog and made me lick his dirty toilet clean then used my mouth for his personal toilet. I had never done with someone before even though I enjoyed eating my own. He made me stand in full view of his neighbors dressed as a pretty Sissy and put me on Webcam while i was tied up and gagged he fucked md, he cum inside me lots and made me clean his cock every time which I enjoyed. He pissss inside my shitty pussy aswell and squirted all over his face. On the Sunday morning we got caught both completely covered in there bed by his wife, it was exciting Shame he went back to her. He was my kinda dirty too xx

what a lucky sissy, that's my kind of weekend. I wish I could find someone to treat me like that, do tell more.

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