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Counter Encounters
(08-09-2020, 05:28 PM)TeddyAkimbo Wrote: I appreciate a good enounter with "the sales lady" in the lingerie department. It's been ten years ago, but here's how I got my start:

___ Colorado Springs mall, Foley's. Purchase: stockings, garter belt, all-in-one shaper, panties. Me: Mortified. She (after ringing me up, and with a definite twinkle in the eye): "Enjoy your evening." This is meaningful because it was the first time I realized that "she just knew the pretties were for me" and she was cheerfully letting me know she knew. After that, I began to appreciate the check out encounter instead of treating the purchase as a trial by fire between me and dressing up.

___ Manhattan Beach mall, Robinson's. Valley Girl helped me shop for panties. I was on my way to LAX and wanted something nice to wear on the plane. Having planned ahead and with my Colorado Springs encounter in mind, I was "going commando" and had no underwear on. She tried to get me to buy the little black thong. I bought the black hip hugger (do they still call them that)? I went briskly to the men's room, doffed my trousers and put on my panties. Then, right back to Robinson's lingerie deparment. A line had formed. I went straight for the thong, then got in line. I was carrying no bag, having donned the nylon neaties and trashed the bag. The Valley Girl was ringing up sales. When she saw me with the thong, and no bag, she just beamed the biggest bright smile. I assumed she knew I'd come back wearing the black hip huggers.

___ Houston Town and Country Mall, lingerie store. Building on the Springs and the Manhattan Beach encounters, I went "commando" to the lingerie store (I don't remember the store name). The sales lady helped me shop for an ensemble. I bought a bra and tap pants set, but decided against the matching camisole. I left and went straight to men's room to slip into my new outfit. Straight back to the lingerie store, carrying no bag. Me: "I changed my mind. I want the camisole." She: "Where are the panties and bra?" Me: "I'm wearing them." She: "Well, stay and shop awhile and I'll start you a (dressing) room." Me: (blush).

___ Phoenix Superstition Mountain Mall, Dillard's. I was enjoying checkout, now. The sales clerk helped me pick out a nylon, floral print panty. I bought it. Left the store for the men's room. Came right back with my floral panties on and strode straight for the lingerie deparment. As soon as she made eye-contact with me, she picked up the phone, called in one of those store intercom number codes and then briskly left the area. I knew immediately, she was in no mood for a pervert. So, I spun, left the store, the mall and the mall lot in due haste.
Great post, Teddy

It sounds like you’ve had some good experiences and is testament to the staff at such stores (and possibly to the liberal attitude in such areas) that they don’t appear to have been in any way judgemental.

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