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The Miniskirt Killed the Garter Belt
I came of age in the twilight of the garter belt era.  The era was quashed by the advent of the miniskirt.  For a brief, glorious moment girls were wild for miniskirts.  And, there was yet a market for mass-marketed pantyhose.  Necessity is a mother of an inventor. And, within mere months ... wah lah.  All the girls were buying pantyhose and garter belts went the way of the buggy whip.  I mean.  You could still get them.  But, why?

I remember when it dawned on me that garter belts had to be worn inside panties instead of over panties.  "How do they sit down to pee if they're wearing a garter belt?" was followed by, "Ah.  INSIDE the panties."  So, I had these visions of girls getting dressed and strapping on belt and garters before putting on their panties.  I was so dismayed when a girl let me know she put her panties on first, then the garter belt, then stuffed the garters down through the inside of her panties and out through the leg bands.  Bummer.

In drive-in make out sessions, she would allow me to unsnap her stockings, peel 'em off, then unhook her garter belt and pull it out her panty legs.  (The panties stayed on.  But, hey.  I was into lingerie and playing with with her linens was enough.)

In "The Last Picture Show," Cybill Shepherd has the greatest ever panties and garter belt scene in a mainstream movie.  It's an utterly correct depiction of the under gear for girls in the day.  As she strips, she takes off her garter belt without removing her panties ... and that's how you do it.  (See the scene at this link.)

Well, that's not how I do it!  On my Saturday grocery shopping outings en femme, my routine with my garter belt was the way I'd initially imagined it.  Out of the shower, I dressed in this order:  bra, garter belt, stockings, panties, women's trousers and a blouse.  The finest moments were those in bra, bare bottom and garter belt ... unrolling stockings on to my legs.  Pulling a pair of panties over stockings and garters?  A thrill.

The moment of the miniskirt before pantyhose was eye candy heaven.  Then, the price was paid for all time.  Pantyhose.
What a delightful contribution; it must have been great for you to have grown up in that era. As you say, a bit of a throwback but probably driven by the move towards ‚Äėeasy to wear‚Äô clothes as anything (in Male circles the art of the ‚Äėmanual‚Äô tie is fast going the same way with school children being brought up with clip on replacements).

FWIW, I wear both pantyhose and garter belts regularly but for different reasons. As an air stewardess pantyhose (or tights as we refer to them in the U.K.) are worn on certainly a weekly, if not a daily occurrence and are a delight on a practical basis. 

While off duty, I have developed a love for 50s style vintage or swing dresses and under these it absolutely has to be garter belts and stockings (the feeling of a dress swinging across stocking tops is an experience quite unlike any other).

As for mini skirts, I can most often be found wearing these when out with the ladies (fellow stewardess’s) for a night out and serves a dual purpose in allowing me to show off my clean shaven legs and being more than a little daring (not least for a female who still has Male equipment to hide).  Big Grin
(08-08-2020, 03:04 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: I don't understand the psychology of all this.  But, I know the last thing we closeted garter-belted crossdressers want is to be found out ... but, we all need to share and be seen.  It's your basic conundrum.

My all-time favorite being seen episode?  I was on a business trip and was connecting flights through Salt Lake City.  I had it all planned out.  I'd go to the last stall in the men's room and change into under gear before connecting qirh my flight and then on to the hotel.

Well, I got to Salt Lake City (a Delta hub) and every d*mn flight in the Western U.S. was connecting at the same time.  The only available stall in the men's room was the next to last one.  I could either abort my plan to change or I could just do it and h*ck with being observed by the guy in the next stall.

Thing is ... you want to wear a garter belt and stockings you have to shed shoes, pants and socks.  Which I did.  I put my carry-on on the floor to one side.  But, the guy in the last stall would be able to see my feet under the partition.  So, it was bare feet, then stockings on one foot, stockings on the other foot, and step into my panties.  I don't remember exactly how it happened.  But, the guy in the last stall finished up and exited his stall.  As he walked past, he was able to see through the crack by side of the door ... and he could see I was dressed in my special under gear.

I finished dressing.  Bra, camisole, panties, garter belt, stocking ... then regular guy socks, pants and shirt.  I left the stall and the guy (I'm sure it was the guy from the next stall) was leaning up against the wash basins waiting for me to come out of my stall.  I walked toward him to leave the restroom.  He stared at me ... with a judgmental stare.  Me?  I looked him in the eye with a half smirk, half smile.  I enjoyed him seeing me ... knowing what I was wearing underneath. If he'd known what I was thinking, he'd have been uncomfortable.  I'd have been his bottom buddy in a minute.

I got to my destination (Phoenix) and checked into my hotel.  At the front desk, it was the first time I'd done truck publicly wearing a bra.  I still feel the thrill of that trip ... the guy watching me in the man's room and then checking into the hotel.

There's just a need to let others know ... and to be seen and known.  Even for we closeted crossdressers.
Not that it is in anyway the point, but my initial response is to wonder why he was looking in the first place; maybe he had some secrets of his own to hide   Wink 

On a serious note, I quite understand where you are coming from. As someone who at 18 was forced into presenting as female full time and later¬†decided to make my life¬†as a¬†female following years of petticoat punishment (albeit that aspect was mainly private) I¬†had to spend time learning the ‚Äėtricks of the trade‚Äô and there was many an occasion where I had to take risks in the hope that I wouldn‚Äôt get made.

It sounds like it is an experience you are generally positive about though, and it’s never quite so bad retrospectively when dealing with strangers that you probably won’t encounter again.
Teddy, What a delightful "blast from the past" re: garters and stockings. I was finding my own interest in pantyhose, especially the ones packaged in those plastic "eggs" that could double for breastforms for a budding sissy.
(08-08-2020, 07:00 PM)GinaV Wrote: Ooo x 2.  I hadn't thought about Leggs eggs as breast forms.  I've used nylon anklets filled with rice.  Actually works well.  I've also had the commercial silicone gel forms.  They're expensive.  But, very lifelike.  The best part of good quality breast forms is when you've got 'em in your bra and you walk up and down stairs and you bounce like a woman would.  Delicious.
(08-08-2020, 07:17 PM)TeddyAkimbo Wrote:
(08-08-2020, 07:00 PM)GinaV Wrote: Ooo x 2.  I hadn't thought about Leggs eggs as breast forms.  I've used nylon anklets filled with rice.  Actually works well.  I've also had the commercial silicone gel forms.  They're expensive.  But, very lifelike.  The best part of good quality breast forms is when you've got 'em in your bra and you walk up and down stairs and you bounce like a woman would.  Delicious.
I was going to say that because of the way my situation developed, I have had breast forms from day one (and they are quite perspective altering as you point out) but it is interesting to read what others who haven’t been so lucky use to try and recreate the same effect.

I have come across the rolled up socks theory a number of times but I think pantyhose containers might be a new one to add to the collection.  Big Grin

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