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I believe a few of you have enjoyed my wife's letters to PDQ over recent months.  She has written some more and maybe they will be deemed suitable for publication in future.  At present she has no intention of posting on forums but I have been granted permission to visit regularly (once my daily chores are complete) and so please feel free to PM me for any queries or further information into our chosen lifestyle.  

I will also endeavour to contribute new threads which may be of interest, as often as possible.
Always in strict uniform
I have much respect for your Wife and Her strict nature. Her exacting methods of dressing you for service and Her obvious sense of Her Superiority make it clear She is a Lady who clearly understands Her power. You, of course benefit from the severity of the regime that She has prescribed for you as it reminds you constantly of your place and position in Her world!
I'm happy to hear you've been given permission to visit the site and look very forward to hearing both from your Superior Wife (in future publications) and yourself!

sissy jamieanne
Thanks for your kind welcome, I am enjoying my time here.
Always in strict uniform

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