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Little Feminine Things I Do
Hello Teddy. I just read your post. We share ages and three identical experiences.
(07-20-2020, 02:14 PM)TeddyAkimbo Wrote: Hi.  I'm new, here.  I'm 71 and have crossdressed since I was a kid.  In the closet.  Here are three little feminine things I do:

1. When I take off my panties, I pull them down by the leg bands.  I'd never have thought to do this in a hundred years if a woman hadn't told me that was what she did.

2.  Stay with me on this.  So, I pull my panties down by the leg bands.  They drop to my ankles.  I step out of the panties with my left foot.  Then, I pick up the panties with my right foot.  I flip it behind my back to my left hand over on my left side.  (You may have to diagram this.  But, it's a single motion and has a neat feminine feel to it.  (I saw my wife do this, once.  That's how I learned it.  And, I've done it ever since.)

3.  When I sit down to pee, I sit so I pee straight into the water and get the sound a woman gets when she sits to pee.

OK.  That's three little feminine things I do.

Welcome to the forum. I hope you find something of interest here.



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