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A Part Time Job At The Dance Supply Store
“Go on take off your pants and boxers and pull those sweet pink tights up your legs!” Melissa what are you trying to prove? I wore the tights yesterday! Isn’t that enough? “No it’s not enough and I’m trying to prove to yourself that your a little pansy tights boy!” I took off my pants and boxers and pulled the tights up my legs. I knew that if I didn’t she would tell Ashley who would definitely call my mom which couldn’t happen. I stood there for a second with just my tee shirt and tights on. I felt like a huge priss as I looked down at my pink encased legs. “Satisfactory now pull up your pants and get back to work! You have a lot of boxes to unload.” You know your not my boss Melissa! “Ha! I’m a female that means I’m automatically your boss!” With that Melissa picked up my boxers and cut them up again and threw them in the trash bin and walked away. I watched her walk off and I listened to the clicking that her heels made as she walked. I sort of liked the sound they made. It was very elegant.

I got back to work and let my thoughts continue. Claire wore heels I thought to my self. A lot actually but I never noticed how they sounded before. I might have to pay attention to it more. I then fantasized about her walking in heels at the store and ordering me to work and wear tights. I knew I had to stop my imagination before it got to far as I began to expand into the tights, which you could barely see through my pants but the tent was noticeable. Before I knew it I had finished unboxing everything and my work day was done but it was going to be difficult walking out of here because my tent wouldn’t settle down. I walked to the front of the store and I almost made it until Ashley called me from behind. “Nick! I just wanted to tell you that you did a great job today! So great that tomorrow I’m going to move you to the front of the store!” The front? “Yup you’ll be putting stuff out on the racks and hanging them up. You’ll be working with Melissa!” Okay I said as I left the store and thankful that she didn’t notice my tent.
She wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer, was she?  Big Grin 

In some respects, Nick sounds like I used to be in that he is more worried about what others might think of him than he is about the clothes himself; he is clearly more than a little excited about the prospect of working in the store in his present disposition and I can see heels somewhere in his future.  Wink
My tent didn’t go down at all as I made my way home. If anything it got bigger as the tights were working there magic. They seemed a lot more sheer then they did yesterday. I couldn’t wait to get upstairs to my room too take them off and hide them with the others. I got inside the house and ran up to my room but I was intercepted by Claire. She had on one of her trademark midi dresses. Her hair was perfectly straightened and her nails were perfectly painted and she stood there in her pretty high heels. Is it weird too say that I was slightly attracted to my sister? “How was work today little bro? Tough day sorting through leotards and tights?” It was okay Claire and I unload boxes. “Well you technically do sort through tights and leotards. Worn either of them yet?” Of course not Claire why would I ever do that? “It’s only a matter of time before you become assimilated to your environment. It’s scientifically proven little brother.” Claire moved to walk away and I looked down instantly at her heels. “Are you checking out my feet or my heels?” Claire I’m not doing either I just looked down! At that moment Claire also looked down and noticed my tiny little tent. “Omg you’re hard! Is it because of me? My heels? Work?”

I’m not hard Claire! “You definitely are! It must be because of my heels! Are you attracted to them? Do you like high heels?” I don’t Claire it’s all a misunderstanding. “No I think it’s more then that! Follow me!” I did as she said and I followed her to her room. She walked to her closet and pulled out a pair of pink heels. “It’s time to try a pair on!” No way Claire! “Oh you want too though I can tell! Just look down at my heels and see how pretty they are! Don’t you want to wear them like your big sister?” I tried not too look down at them because if I did I might just try on a pair. I also knew that if I took off my shoes she would see my feet encased in tights. “Look down Nick!” I was just about too but I was saved by my mother who just got home. “Kids im home! Come downstairs please!”
He’s been sussed!  Big Grin He may have got lucky this time, but it’s surely now only a matter of time. 

And heaven forbid his high heel fetish makes it back to the store; at least his secrets are mostly covered up there... for now  Wink
“Why do you have all these pairs of tights stashed under you mattress?” Claire what are you doing in my room? “Never mind that! Now answer my question! What are these tights doing under your mattress?” They are apart of my work uniform Claire! “Omg I didn’t know that! Does mom know?” No! And don’t tell her! That’s why I had them hidden. “Wait do you have them on now?” Claire can we just leave them be? “No! Now I know something secret about you so strip!” I did as she said and I took off my pants revealing my pink tights. “OMG!” Claire put her hands on her hips and smirked “Look at you wearing tights for work! Has it progressed to anything else? Tutus? Leotards?” No Claire its apart of my work uniform! “We’ll be that as it may your still a sissy tights boy!” She tapped her heels on the floor and instantly looked down at them . “You’re developing a high heels fetish aren’t you?” Of course not Claire! Tap tap tap! “Follow me to my room.

I did as she asked and followed her. She pulled out the same pair of heels as the other day and she said “go on put them on. You won’t be saved this time.” I put them on and I got exceptionally hard and Claire saw. “Go on okay with yourself! Stroke Stroke Stroke! You’ll be wearing dresses forever!” With that I cumed into my tights and and stripped them off and went to bed!
It’s starting to get ‘hot in the kitchen’ for poor Nick; why do I think Claire might not be above a bit of blackmail?  Big Grin
I couldn’t believe that I thought all that up in my head yesterday. I was going down a slippery slope and I knew it. Claire’s bedroom door was open And she was getting ready for work. “You see how hard it is to be a girl? It’s going to be really hard for you to learn all this stuff before the family reunion that’s why I think we should put you in dresses now. Actually it’s not too early for this!” She again tapped her high heels and I looked down at them. “I knew it! The fetish is solidified at this point. Here put these on now. I can train you a bit before work.” She kicked a pair of heels to me and she continued to tap hers. I didn’t have my tights on this time so I know I could do it. Did I really want Claire to win? Did I want her to train? Then I did the unthinkable. I stepped into the heels and put them on. “Good now practice walking around my room! Go on.” Claire I’m sorry but I should take these off. “It’s too late for that! You put them on now walk!” I did that and I struggled all around the room almost falling over, but I was extremely turned on! My big sister made me wear heels and she’s training me to walk in them. This went on for thirty minutes and then we had too stop. “Kick those off before mom sees! I hope you enjoyed it because you just entered a dangerous chapter!”

Why did I do it? It’s all I could think about when I entered work. Then I also forgot that I was supposed to be working with Melissa. Then my heart dropped because I forgot to put on the tights she had given me. Although I had soiled both pairs anyway. It was hard not too look at the tapping for her heels as she walked towards me. “Well looks like it’s me and you today. Do you have tights on?” No I’m sorry I forgot. “Fine here’s another pair go change and meet me out here!” This time it was a pair of white tights and I expanded as soon as they were put on. “Doing everything that you are told?” I jumped as Ashley asked me that from behind. Yes of course Ashley! “Good Melissa is going to be training you for a while and you will do everything she asks got it?” Yes Ashley! “Good now get back to her!”
“Melissa is going to be training you for a while”; why do I think those words are coming to come back to haunt him. And with Claire taking over more at home, it is becoming something of an ordeal for Nick (though I use the term loosely as I still think he is very much enjoying it). If ever the two shall meet though, he may find himself wearing heels rather more publicly at the store.  Wink
(08-16-2020, 11:49 AM)Girlygirl Wrote: “Melissa is going to be training you for a while”; why do I think those words are coming to come back to haunt him. And with Claire taking over more at home, it is becoming something of an ordeal for Nick (though I use the term loosely as I still think he is very much enjoying it). If ever the two shall meet though, he may find himself wearing heels rather more publicly at the store.  Wink

Do you think he will be in a dress for the family reunion?

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