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A Part Time Job At The Dance Supply Store
For some reason when I woke up the next day I had images of Claire’s pretty pink toes and black strappy heels on my mind. I had no idea why. I just couldn’t shake thinking about them. My images in my head were met with reality when I walked out of my room to go downstairs. Claire was on her to the same thing when I stopped and stared at her feet. There were her pretty pink toes and black strappy heels. “Stop staring at my feet weirdo.” Claire pushed me aside and she walked downstairs and I stayed there staring and listening to her heels click and clack against the floor. This wasn’t good I thought. Why did I have this new obsession. Shit I thought to myself! I forgot to put on a pair of tights! That was Melissa's new rule at the store and I didn’t want to find out what she would do if I didn’t listen to her. I ran back to my room and put on a pair of white tights and got prepared to leave for work.

This was going to be a rough day I said to myself as I still couldn’t shake the thought of Claire’s toes and heels. What was worse was that Mellisa and Ashley both wore heels to work and it was I first noticed at the store. They do clicked and clacked around the store and I was drawn to it. “I expect both of you too hold down the fort today as I have to leave for a conference. When I’m gone you’re in charge Melissa and I expect you to keep up with your training. Nick do as she says.” Yes Ashley we both said as she left the store. “Are you wearing the tights as I commanded?” Yes Melissa I said. “Good come to the back and show me. I need verification.” We went to the back room and I took of my pants and stood in front of her in the tights. “Wow I expected a bit of a fight but this is good! Now let’s get to work!” She tapped the front of her heels and I noticed that she too had on black strappy heels!
Claire’s really sucking him in; it is only a matter of time before heels become his own standard footwear.   Big Grin
Black strappy heels, black strappy heels, Claire’s chant ran threw my head as Melissa heels gleamed. Even though Melissa didn’t have pink painted toes but regardless I was put in a trance and she didn’t even know it. Black strappy heels, black strappy heels. It was stuck on a loop inside my head! “Now you’ve tried on tights and a leotard what do you say we try on a tutu today?” Once again the chant ran threw my head and all my resistance shattered around me. It’s like my brain was removed from my body and I was watching on from above as the scene around me played out. Yes of course Melissa whatever you say. “Whatever I say? Then I say you will be In a tutu. It seems like you are finally realizing your role in the store. I’ll be right back.” Melissa walked away to get a tutu as I stood there obediently. I wanted to move and run out of the store but my body wouldn’t let me!

Melissa came back with a sparkling purple professional ballerina tutu. It screamed girly girl! “I also brought a pair of ballet slippers with me and you already have on your tights! So go on and take the rest of your clothes off and I’ll zip you into the tutu.” Yes Melissa I said as I took my my clothes and took the tutu and we both slipped it on. I stepped into the ballet slippers. I watched on from above as the chant continue to run threw my head. The tutu with extremely sissy and it bounced around when I walked. “Look at you! I believe that you found your calling! You’re a ballerina sissy! Born to work at this store!”

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That’s a lovely tutu. They really have him in their grasp now (and they’ve barely started yet). I can’t wait to see how this evolves.  Wink
Yes Melissa I was born too work here. Black strappy heels once again ran threw my head which put me deeper and deeper into the trance. “Let’s go open up the store. Even when you work up front you will be in your tutu and tights!” Yes Melissa whatever you say. “You seem too have a different attitude today. More obeying and dare I say. Willing to be sissified and controlled. What has changed in just a short day?” I didn’t know what to say it was almost as if I was having an out of body experience. Nothing has changed I’ve always been a ballerina sissy. What was I saying? I had no more control! “You will stay a ballerina sissy as well! Everyday when you get to work you will put on your tutu and flounce about the store.” Yes Melissa whatever you command. “Actually I have a better idea I will give you a supply of tutus and you will wear them to and from work!” Yes Melissa! “Let’s take it further! I will also require you now too always have your hair and make up done!” Yes Melissa! “Hmm you’re really a sissy! I will take it further then and turn you into a girl completely!” Yes Melissa if that’s what you wish!
Totally under the spell now, lovely.
And of course this is really only the beginning. Melissa will be thinking already of the many ways she can influence this dynamic not only for her entertainment (as she already is doing) but to serve her many other needs also.  Wink
I would like to meet a women not for romance but to be reach me ballet. I need to find a strict teacher who is demanding and must be obeyed at all times. I also would be interested to be trained as a house boy. I believe Women who wear blue tights and a short length red leotard are commanding. For ballet class, I believe boys should be required to wear a long sleeve turtleneck black leotard, white tights and leg warmers demonstrate their willingness to submit to the instructor. Perhaps we could discuss when I should buy the uniforms for training. Houseboy David

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