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A Part Time Job At The Dance Supply Store
He’s got to be hasn’t he? Claire’s obviously got an agenda; I can’t see her letting it lie, somehow.
The store front was full of racks of tights, leotards, tutus, and dance costumes. I couldn’t believe that I was wearing tights and working here. Also that my big sister forced me to wear and walk in heels. Never the less I still obeying what they were all telling me to do. I had to keep telling myself to not look down at Melissa's heels. That information could not get out at the store. “So as you can see here we have many different dance costumes and leotards up front. You’ll have to learn what they all are if you expect to work up on the floor with me.” Yes whatever you say Melissa. She smirked and tapped her heel on the floor like my sister does and I looked down. It was only for a second but I think she noticed as she was smiling broadly. She didn’t say anything though and the customers cane into the store.

“Hello I’m looking for a ballet costume for myself.” “Of course we have many different styles here why don’t we say we look around.” He all walked around the store and she eventually laid eyes on an all white grill tutu that screamed priss. “Nick go climb up the ladder and retrieve that please.” Yes Melissa and I grabbed it and brought it down. “I like it but I can’t really tell. I can’t see all of it.” “Nick hold it better over your body.” I did it which was a humiliating stance. “Now flare the skirt out around your waist please.” That was even more embarrassing as I continued to run the frills and flat out the tutu over my crotch. “Well how do you like it?” “I love it! Can I try it on?” “Of course Nick take her too the changing rooms and get whatever she needs.” Yes Melissa! Follow me please and I lead her to the changing rooms and waiting for her to finish. “I need to be zipped up in the back please.” Okay I’ll go get Melissa. “No it’s fine! Zip me up now please.”

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What an interesting section. If there is a way to embarrass a boy with a tutu without him actually needing to try it on himself, you have certainly found it. The problem he has going forward though is that you just know he isn’t going to be able to say ‘no’ and the staff will only gain confidence from that fact.
I nervously walked into the stall and zipped the costumer up. The tutu looked incredible on her! She looked absolutely regal! I wondered what it must feel like and I couldn’t shake the thoughts. “How does it look?” It’s looks fantastic on you! How does it feel? “It feels like a tutu! Why would you ask me that?” I’m sorry I’m just curious. Please don’t tell Melissa that I asked that. “Well I think I might have too! That was a very personal question that you asked in my changing stall!” Please I beg you please I can’t lose this job. She sighed and said “fine but unzip me and then leave.” Yes of course. Thankfully she was nice and this wouldn’t get back to Melissa. I can’t believe I asked her that. I don’t know what cane over me but I just had to know. I went back out to the floor and the customer followed. “Well what do you think? Is it a buy?” “Actually yes I really quite liked it!” “Okay I’ll ring you up!”

“See that’s just some of the many things that you might have to do if you work the floor. Did you zip her up?” Yes I did Melissa. “Good that is perfect! Now we have sometime left. I think that we should get you into a leotard to see how it would feel.” Wait! I’m not going to put on a leotard! I don’t need to know how it feels! “Oh well do you want the whole world too know that you wear tights? Hmm? What if your family found out!” I already imagined Claire knowing but I really didn’t want that to happen! “Please Melissa don’t do that! “You know the price! Pick out a leotard and put it on!” Please Melissa! “Wait any long and it will be a skirted leotard!” Drafted I went and picked out a random red leotard. “Good now lets go out back!” I don’t know how to put this on Melissa. “I will help you!” It was a very stretchy material but it fit me snug. I felt so girlish was I looked in the mirror. White tights and a red leotard made me feel so prissy. I the expanded fully and made a tiny tent in the leotard. “Look! You love it! You will wear it for the rest of your shift!” “What’s going on here?”

Ashley came up behind us! “Nick here asked me if he could try on a leotard and I let him! He wanted to see how it felt!” “Hmm tights too I see. Oh god what will your mom say about this!” “Why would you tell his mother? That would be so embarrassing for her! Can you imagine finding out your son wanted to wear tights and a leotard?” “You’re right Melissa. Fine I suppose we can keep it between us all. I’ll leave you two to it. I have paperwork!” “How humiliating for you. Now Ashley thinks you wanted this! Stay here!” Melissa then returned with a bag. What’s this? “A dozen pairs of tights! You will come to work in them now!” I can’t hide these at home! “That’s not my problem.

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I predicted blackmail a while back but assumed Claire to be the most likely culprit. Now that they cat is out of the bag’ at the store, things could very quickly get out of control for poor Nick.  Big Grin
Omg I have to get up stairs to my room before Claire finds me. I still had the leotard and the tights in underneath my clothes. I also had to hide the bag of tights that Melissa made me bring home. I got to my room and quickly stripped off my clothes and stuff the tights and leotard into the bag. I had no place else to find hide them other then under my bed so I did. Thank god! I got re dressed into my boy clothes right when Claire got home. I heard her run upstairs and she came into my room with a big smile on her face. “Hello little brother how was work today?” It’s was okay Claire. How about you? “Oh work was great! I learned about a new talent that I could learn.” A new talent what is it? “Well a girl at work was telling me about this thing called high heeled hypnosis. She learned how to control guys from learning it.” I gulped this didn’t sound good. So, what does this have to do with me? “I’m going to test it out on you?” What no way!! “You will do it or I will tell mom that I caught you stealing and wearing her panties?” You wouldn’t! “I would! So, what will it be? Be my test subject? Or have mom thinking you jerked off into her panties?” They were both terrible ideas but I couldn’t have mom thinking that. Okay I’ll be your test subject.

“Good choice. So you start by looking down at my heels and you listen to my chant. Ready?” Yes Claire. “Strappy black heels, strappy black heels, pretty pink toes, pretty pink toes, look at how they sparkle. Sparkle sparkle sparkle.” I thought to myself that this is so stupid and will never work. “Black strappy heels , black strappy heels, pretty pink toes, pretty pink toes. Look at how they sparkle. Sparkle sparkle sparkle.” At sometime during the second time around I was beginning to lose focus on everything else but Claire’s voice and feet. “Black strappy heels, black strappy heels, pretty pink toes, pretty pink toes, look at how they sparkle. Sparkle sparkle sparkle. Say it back to me now Nick.” I did what she asked and I enjoyed it. Black strappy heels black strappy heels. Pretty pink toes, pretty pink toes. Look at how they sparkle sparkle sparkle sparkle. “Good now lets say it together!” We said it together and I was still lost staring at her feet. I loved her pink toes! I loved how they sparkled. Her black strappy heels can’t be forgotten either. “Now for the last test. What controls you?” Claire’s black strappy heels and pretty pink toes. “Perfect follow me now to my room, and don’t look up!”
What a thrill! Something tells me he’s getting sparkly toes.
(08-19-2020, 11:04 PM)afp Wrote: What a thrill! Something tells me he’s getting sparkly toes.
He has to be. Of course, one can only guess at what the longer term consequences of ‘high heel hypnosis’ might be and I suspect this is where his real fears ought to lie.  Wink
(08-19-2020, 11:55 PM)Girlygirl Wrote:
(08-19-2020, 11:04 PM)afp Wrote: What a thrill! Something tells me he’s getting sparkly toes.
He has to be. Of course, one can only guess at what the longer term consequences of ‘high heel hypnosis’ might be and I suspect this is where his real fears ought to lie.  Wink

Definitely my chief stewardess friend. I must post more to catch up Smile)
There’s something about high heel hypnosis I find very alluring.
I followed Claire to her room and never looked up. The only thing in my mind was her pretty pink toes and black strappy heels. “Now that we are in my room I think I will say my chant again. Black strappy heels, black strappy heels, pretty pink toes, pretty pink toes, look at how they sparkle, sparkle sparkle sparkle. Say it again!” I started saying it again, and in my head I couldn’t believe that I had never noticed her black strappy heels and pretty pink toes before. The both sparkled. “Good from now one whenever I tap my heel you will be out into a trance. When in that trance you will do whatever I asked, but when I tap again you will be put out of the trance and not remember anything that happened.” Yes Claire I said as I still focused on her pretty pink toes. They were really sparkling today! “Good now tonight we will continue our high heel walking training but with a twist. You will wear a dress tonight with them and learn how to walk in both. Understood?” Yes Claire! “Good now take off all your clothes!”

I didn’t think that it was weird that I was naked in front of my sister. After all her pretty pink toes were sparkling and her black strappy heels commanded the floor. “Good now I got you a pink silky lacy bra and panty set. Put them on please!” I didn’t think anything of it as I slid the panties up my waist and Claire out the bra around me. “Now for the dress and then you will step into the red heels that we were practicing in yesterday. It was a knee length dress that had an image of London on the skirt part and the top was gray. “This is the dress that you will wear at the reunion. Until then we will practice your mannerisms and at the party you will come out and say you want to be a girl. Understood?” Yes Claire whatever you command. She laughed and said “Yes whatever I command indeed! Now out on the dress and step into the heels!” I did as he said I put in on and stepped into the heels and it all felt so natural!

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