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A Part Time Job At The Dance Supply Store
Chapter 3
“I can’t believe that you got the job! Great Job Nick!” “Yeah congrats Nick you now work at a store that exclusively sells tutus and such. Not very masculine.” Claire why do you always have to pick on me? “How am I picking on you? All I said was congratulations!” “Your sisters right Nick she didn’t cross the line at all.” Mom you always take her side! “I do not! Now say thank you to your sister!” I swallowed my pride and said Thank You Claire. “Oh you’re welcome my sweet dear old brother of mine. Oh I wanted to ask you did you go into my room at all? My door was closed when I got home and I know that I left it open.” No why would I go into your room? I’m sure the wind closed the door at some point. “Your brothers right Claire. I mean he would never go into your room.”

After that we ate in silence and I stalked up to my room as I wanted to be alone and hide from Claire. She really suspects something but I truly didn’t do anything. It’s not even as though that I seriously considered wearing the dress. The next day was my first day at the dance store and that night I had another bad dream. In the dream Claire had come to the dance store and brought a dress with her and Ashley had me put it on as her and Ashley trained me to walk in heels. From that day forward it was a requirement that I wore a dress to work. I woke up again to feeling ashamed as I looked down at my erect member. Right after I had gotten ready for work Claire stopped in my door way. She was wearing the dress that she left out for me yesterday. “Just think you could have worn this yesterday. With heels and all! I know that you thought about it! I’m sure it would look great on you!” Claire I don’t want to wear a dress! “I think you do! Anyway see you at home little girl.”

“Welcome to work! Now let’s get you started on your uniform and then we can over your job duties for the day. If you have notice me and Melanie always wear the stores red and black bodycon midi dress. So, you will be wearing a red polo and black slacks unless of course you would prefer the dress?” Why would I prefer the dress? “Well I wasn’t sure because you’ve worn a dress before. So, polo and slacks or the dress?” For a split second I thought about wearing the dress but it only lasted a second. The polo and slacks please. “Okay no problem! Of course you can always switch to the dress down the road. Now let’s go over your job duties! For a little while you will be responsible for unboxing all the tights, leotards, and tutus and then hang them up. Do you understand?”

Yes of course Ashley I’ll get started right away. “Miss Ashley! I’m your boss now you will call me Miss Ashley!” Yes I’m sorry Miss Ashley. “Good now get to work.” I started unloaded all the boxes and thought to myself that this wasn’t so bad. The tights were easy to unload but the tutus were hard too. I had to try very hard not too damage any of them and some were very elaborate. Most of them had a lot of frills and sparkles. “Very pretty aren’t they?” I was a bit shocked as Melanie was standing behind me. You scared the shit out of me. “Sorry I didn’t mean to sneak up on you. Great tutus huh?” Yeah I mean if your into that sort of thing. “I am sometimes. Sometimes after my shift I hand around and try one or two on.” You actually put these on? “Yeah of course! You should join me sometime! You’re small enough to wear them.” I don’t think I would ever want to do that. “You say that now but maybe in the future you’ll change your mind.”
If he’s dreaming about dresses, I think they really have unlocked something in him. Never mind coercion, if they leave him alone boxing up women’s garments too long, they may just catch him wearing them.   Big Grin
(07-19-2020, 06:06 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: If he’s dreaming about dresses, I think they really have unlocked something in him. Never mind coercion, if they leave him alone boxing up women’s garments too long, they may just catch him wearing them.   Big Grin

I totally agree there.

Sissynicole177 just to say I’m enjoying it. Might not post every time like I did in the other stories but don’t let that infer I love any less.
Claire how could you do this to me? I screamed at her as I looked through my closet to find that she replaced all my pants and shoes with dresses and heels. “I’m taking your destiny into my own hands. It’s time to wear dresses and heels just like the rest of the family.” I’m not doing that Claire! You can’t make me do that! “That’s the thing I can. What are you going to do run around naked?” I had just gotten out of the shower and was naked at the time expect for the towel I had around my waist. “So, go on and step into a dress. Here I’ll pick one out for you.” Claire pick out a blank and pink mid length dress that flared out at around the knees. She also picked out a pair of pink high heels. “Also I replaced all your boxers with lacy panties.” I was in complete disarray at what my sister had done and I wasn’t sure what to do. “You better hurry up you have work in thirty minutes.” I knew that I couldn’t be late for work as I was late a lot that month and was close to being terminated. I’ll put on the dress Claire. “Of course you will! Panties first!” I put on the panties and then the dress and then stepped into the heels. I thought to myself that I’ve never felt so weak in my life. “Good! Now isn’t this appropriate for you?” Yes Claire I said

The next thing I knew was that I woke up that morning startled at the dream and the sticky mess I left in my boxers. I can’t believe that I was excited by things like this I thought to my self. What was worse is I knew that Claire could do this too. I got ready for work that morning and I was very worried about what was going on in my head.
LOL - Nicely done.

I started off that section thinking ‘well this all advanced very quickly’ and finished it thinking ‘his dreams are starting to get very vivid; this can only end one way’.

Big Grin
That day at work was rough because I couldn’t get that dream out of my head. Why was I dreaming of my sister Claire forcing me into dresses and dominating me? Why did I like it? Was a worse question that I honestly couldn’t answer. So, I decided to test myself while I was doing my mindless task of unpacking boxes. I rethought the dream up in my head and I was devastated at the instant erection I achieved. I guess it had looked like I was zoning out as Melanie snuck up behind. “Omg do you have an erection?” I’m sorry it was an accident! “How do you accidentally get an erection? It had to have been provoked some how?” Melanie then came to a conclusion in her head! “Omg did you get it from looking at these tights all day?” I was appalled and Melanie looked appalled. No! Melanie I swear it wasn’t the tights! It was an accident! “I don’t know if I believe you. I think we may have to do a little test!”

What kind of test? “A 100% full proof test! You will need to put on a pair of tights and if you get an erection then you fail and if you don’t then you pass.” I’m not doing that! “If you don’t then I will run and tell Ashley and you will be fired on the spot!” I can’t loose this job Melanie! “Then you must take the test. I’ll tell you what even if you fail the test I’ll keep the secret to myself.” Why would you do that? “Well then you would owe me a favor down the road.” Grudgingly I agreed to take the test and she handed me a pair of pink ballet tights. “Go I’m roll them up your legs and put them on!” By now my erection had shrunk due to the nervous situation I was in. I took down my pants and stopped at my boxers. “The boxers too!” Melanie you can’t see me naked we are co workers. “I really don’t care! Now do it!” I took my boxers off and sat down and rolled the tights over my legs and up my waist. At first nothing happened and I was proud of myself but then when I stood up and the sheerness of the tights hit it happened. I got an erection that was hard small and proud. “Hmm I knew it! What do you know? A man with a small penis likes sheer ballet tights!”
“Even if you fail the test, I’ll keep the secret to myself”. 

That for me was the key line there. Is she lying or is he going to ‘out’ himself in some other way?
Fine whatever I failed your stupid test that doesn’t prove anything. I made to take off the tights but Melanie had other ideas. “No I don’t think so! You’ll leave those on for the rest of your shift and then wear them home!” Melanie you can’t tell me to do that! “Yes I can! Unless you want me to tell Ashley that I caught you stealing a pair of tights.” No don’t! “Then you will wear them! And forget about these!” Melanie picked up my boxers and cut them up with a pair of scissors and threw the remnants into the trash. “Now put your pants on and get back to work!” I sighed and put my pants back on and got back to unboxing the tights. Meanwhile my erection didn’t stop and wouldn’t go away as the sheer ballet tights did it’s magic! Whenever I moved the pleased my penis as it throbbed and throbbed. I groaned inwardly as I knew this predicament could have been avoided. Who did Melanie think she was? She’s not my boss, but regardless she thinks she knows something now and has humiliating information on me. What would I do if the information got out? What if Claire found out?

The rest of the shift was uneventful and eventually my erection did calm down as I focused on my work. My plan was to take them off as soon as I got home from work but alas dinner was already on the table and my mom and sister were waiting on me. I was praying that Claire wouldn’t notice or my mother for that matter. All I had to do was to make it through dinner and I could take them off and throw them away. “So, mom I was thanking that for the reunion this year maybe Nick should wear a dress to fit in with the rest of us?” The reunion was our annual family reunion where we would all get together at my grandmothers house for the day. All the women would take their daughters with them and I was always the only boy there. “Oh Claire stop that! There is no need for your brother to do that!” “I was just thinking that it would make grandma happy. Maybe Nick would be willing do that for her?” No way Claire! “Well she might have a point and my mother is getting up there in age.” Mom you can’t be serious! “I’m just thinking aloud Nick!”

(07-20-2020, 09:26 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: “Even if you fail the test, I’ll keep the secret to myself”. 

That for me was the key line there. Is she lying or is he going to ‘out’ himself in some other way?

I guess you’ll just have to wait and find out! Thank you for reading!
Sissy Nicole, you always have a great story to tell us and you have not let us down again. Keep up the great work and can't wait to see what happens next
If that’s going to become a daily occurrence, he might shortly have to explain why he has so little left in the way of Male underwear.  Cool 

That family gathering can’t possibly go without a hitch.

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