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Hot weather
I find keeping cool is far easier when wearing a damp/wet cotton apron or tabard and keeping a fan on during the night. To prevent the bed from getting wet, I also have a waterproof pinny on. This also keeps the air con bills down- very expensive in Asia.
Always in strict uniform
I have loved wearing a nappy and plastic pants in a hot climate for many years, I lived 20 years in Thailand and every day is 35 celcius and in the summer up to 40+ for a couple of months. 
I got used to wearing and over the lock down, I was in nappies for 6 months nonstop the first time I have ever had that. 
I couldn't wear at work because I was a teacher and working with very young children 3 year olds and 4 year olds so I would not bring my kink into work. 
I have never had nappy rash even though I will wear and wet nappies all the time, my mummy does take time to air my bottom so I don't get rashes.
I think a lot depends ‘how you are wearing it’. When I had my foreign experience I was kept in my used nappy for a period after it had used, so it was not only the effect of a nappy in those climates I had to contend with but the effects of their contents after a period of time of them being heated up.

If you don’t have that and have longer than the two weeks I had to get used to it, one may well come back with a different view.
During the lockdown in Thailand I was at my mummies home for over 4 months and kept 24/7 in my very thick terry nappies and plastic pants and it was very hot as March April and May are the hottest months of the year.
I was taken out daily shopping at the market always dressed very babyish and to mummies family as well. Every one knew I was a baby and mummy would explain to all her friends in Thai with a few words of English to let me know what she was talking about, I had to stand still often in my baby reigns while mummy talked.
Mummy loved taking me into this one baby shop where she would engage the sales lady who love to see me all dressed up.
Oh how I miss my mummy and living in Thailand.
That must have been a torment (I hope they gave you plenty of liquid - though that would still only have deferred the problem elsewhere  Wink). 

Did you find that one reduced the impact of the other (did the fact that you were hot mean you forgot about how you were dressed or your mode of dress make you forget about the temperature)? 

Fortunately, the clothing I wore during my foreign holiday was standard teen boy issue, nappies aside.
No, no torment. I love hot weather and even moved to Australia when I was 16 to get to a hot country. Wearing nappies, plastic pants a d baby clothes became second nature and were not forced on me but because I see myself as a baby.

No, I never forgot I was in nappies and baby clothes and mummy would tell even strangers that would ask questions and tell them I was her baby. It was very hard when in the baby reigns and another foreigner camevalong, I would try and go another way but mummy would hold my reigns so i couldn't escape.

I was in baby heaven.
I’m glad that it has worked out for you, Babybunnykins. There are a few adult babies that post on here regularly and am constantly amazed how differently each view and approach their respective situations, but your devotion to and love for all things infant really shines through in this post.  Big Grin
(10-12-2020, 09:00 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: I’m glad that it has worked out for you, Babybunnykins. There are a few adult babies that post on here regularly and am constantly amazed how differently each view and approach their respective situations, but your devotion to and love for all things infant really shines through in this post.  Big Grin

Thank you Girlygirl
I have been an adult baby for nearly my whole life, but for many years it was very difficult because it was in my young years when there was no internet, no information on AB's and the feeling that I was the only person in the world that did this. The shame of being caught by the police for stealing nappies off a washing line and so many many confusing and mind bending desires coming up daily that I couldn't get satisfaction for. Namely the wish to be in the arms of a woman as her baby. I have had no desire for a male to do this, it is the female energy I desire and to be cocooned as a small infant of up to 6 months. This raging desire which I see so much in the younger generation and there demands online for a mummy or daddy which I understand so much and for which they are lucky that they have the internet to find out early that they are not alone.
I have been lucky that once I found out that others had the same desire as myself, I then sought out people in Australia and even did an interview for a magazine in Australia called Picture Magazine. It was a tits and bum magazine but they treated the subject very nicely and I had a beautiful girl come along and put into a nappy and then put her in one. They took lots of pictures and wrote a very nice article call Happy Nappy Chappy. They also put my post box address in the article and I had a few answers and made some great friends. 
I met a mistress in Adelaide and she had an trainee mistress who she put in charge of me. We had a lot of fun and she would take me out places dressed as a baby suck as the movies. She was a lot of fun and had her own young boy and we would go back to her house and she would put me on the floor with her son and we would play with his toys. Her husband was in a rock band and sometimes the band would come through and none said anything about me and it was fun. I have so many stories, I think I should write a book. It wasn't until I went to India for 6 years that I met my first wife/mummy. And then my love of Asian mummys came about.
This is getting really long so I will stop. 
I'm a lot different from many I read about who have been forced to be a baby in nappies by their mummies all though I do crave that in myself. We tend to crave what we can not have.
Chat soon.
My nanny who I love very very much. We speak often online. Oh how I miss her love and care.
My mummy who cares for me with so much love and devotion. I miss with all my heart.
Awesome story! And I hope you get back to Thailand soon.
Thank you, I hope so to.

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