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Things have changed
Hi Kelvin.
Wow what a difficult beginning you had as a young boy!
I wet the bed until I was 5 and although I loved her dearly, it still hurts my feelings when I recall my aunt telling me and then years later telling others right in front of me that I wet on purpose. She even insisted that I would announce that I was going to wet the bed. I never got any shaming from my mother. While reading your retrospective I remember so vividly how I felt when I would wake up wet. I was disgusted with myself. I sure as hell didn’t do it on purpose! Thankfully, I never had daytime problems beyond whatever is considered normal.
One thing I do remember is when I wet the bed I usually had many dreams of trying to find a place to pee. I am 67 yo, married 48 years, and still dream of finding a place to pee. My restlessness awakens my wife and she wakes me up and tells me to go pee. I sit on the toilet and relax then go back to bed and right to sleep.
My wife and I are playing with diapering me, but it is just exciting sexy role play.
I am so sorry you had such a rough go of it.
This forum is really great! There are many types of discussions here.
We all have some story of how we arrived at this point in our lives.
I do hope you are successful in finding the lady in your life to role play with you. Being incontinent, you are half way there.
Best of luck and thank you for sharing your story with the whole group.
Salon slave.
PS: I have been informed By my wife that I am due for 100 minutes straight through sitting under the hairdryer set on high heat This weekend. This fills me with excitement and dread.

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