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Things have changed
(07-01-2020, 07:50 PM) Wrote: Hi All,
       firstly an apology for not replying to the welcome e-mails I recieved.  In my first post i explained I'm now 65 and bladder incontinent so in nappies (NHS Supplied) 24/7.  I don't soil my nappy unless my ibs is really bad, when a rare accident happens.

the last time I wrote i was in a relationship with a young lady who was my fiancee and my mummy.  Since then things have changed in a big way,  Firstly she told me she couldn't be my mummy anymore and then she broke off the engagement and whilst we are still friends and see each other weekly there is no form of emotional or caring contact.

So a little bit more about me.  Male, 65, some spinal problems, hence the bladder problems, but I'm mobile and doing my best to stay that way.  I live near Cardiff in South Wales and as far as transport is concerened am limited to buses or trains.

I've been reading PDQ for many years along with dummy digest.  During my early teens I tried a little bit of crossdressing (long story) but nearly got caught and never tried it again.  However over the last year or so I have become fascinated by the idea of forced feminisation or some sort of petticoat discipline.  Obviously it would have to involve nappies and hopefully nappy changes.  So I'm looking for an odd mix of mummy and strict femalel, withing thw south wales area that I can visit.  Obviously it would take several public meet ups for coffee awnd chats etc before anything else could happen, but with lockdown in force that may have to make way to e-mails for the time being.

I am looking for a cisfemale or a transfemale that has had "bottom" surgery, Don't get e wrong I've been a daddy to a male, but because of personal history i wouldn't be able to have a male carer.  So if any of this sounds interesting and something you would like to get involved with then simply reply.  I'm now set up so I'll get notifications via e-mail when someone replies. 

I'm not sure where this goes so I will post it in the nursery section and one or two forums.
Hi Kelvin

I’ve not come across you before so just posting to welcome you to the forum and you’ll have seen that there is plenty of petticoating and nappy related material on the site.

Unfortunately, although I am not a million miles away geographically (except when I am - as an air stewardess  Big Grin ), I am, genetically at least, male - although I have been presenting as female for a number of years.

Hope you find what you’re looking for.


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