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Mummy's New Boy
She knew he was a talented man. Sensitive, but broken. Brought to her house to recover from his trauma. He brought out in her a maternal instinct so strong that it was almost overwhelming.

She loved the way he looked her curves, her magnificent breasts, her glorious butt.

Although he was twenty years older than her, she started to treat him like a son. She insisted that he call her 'Mummy'. She started to take more and more control of him, micromanaging his day, giving him little tasks to do.

She started also to tell him that she wanted him to be a good boy, that it would please her if he stopped trying to be a man.

If he was a bad boy - he didn’t do his chores, or did them badly, or if he forgot to ask his mummy permission to do things - she would make him strip off, and bend him over her lap, and she would spank his bare bottom with her hand. He couldn’t understand why he didn’t resist this. But he didn’t. 

She would do this until his bottom was pink, and he was crying out for her to stop. When she felt that she had gained just a little more control, she would stop, and rub his bottom with cream, whispering in his ear that it was alright, Mummy loved her boy.

Over time, she changed his clothing to more boyish items, tight shorts, tight t shirts in sissy colours like pink or light blue. He started being reluctant to go outside, partly because whenever he did he felt silly, but also because if he did leave the house, she always found an excuse to spank him.

Because he was in the house more and more, her micromanagement became tighter. She gave him more of the household chores to do - laundry, cleaning, washing, ironing - and would then inspect thoroughly the quality of his work, and making him do it again and punish him.

The last night he went out, he came back late, smelling of alcohol and with lipstick on his collar. She was very cross, but instead of showing it, she put him to bed in his room with a good night kiss. ‘I’m very disappointed in you, sweetie. We'll talk about it in the morning'.

When he got up the next day, his head pounding, she was already up. She was dressed in her most impressive outfit - high boots, a black corset which pushed up her breasts, her hair piled high and full makeup.
In front of her was a pile of his normal adult clothes and a pair of scissors. 'Cut them up sweetie. I won’t have you pretending to be a 'man' any more. Cut up all your adult clothes. Mummy will choose all your clothes from now on'.

After he had finished cutting up all his clothes and put them in a rubbish bag, she pointed to the shower. 'Wash yourself with this. And wear a shower cap'.

In the shower he washed with a gel that he hadn’t seen before. It smelt of roses. As he washed, he noticed that his body hair was falling out. He was smooth!

After he had showered, she told him to go the main bedroom.

She had covered the bed with a pink rubber sheet. 'On the bed,sweetie. I want to inspect you. Face down!''
As he lay face down, she inspected him minutely for hairs, extracting any she found with a pair of tweezers. 'You will stay clean and smooth. You are my boy, and no more pretence at being a man'.

When she had finished his back and legs she told him to put his bottom in the air. He did so reluctantly, fearing a spanking. But instead he felt her gloved hand rubbing cream into his buttocks, 'higher sweetie. Push higher' she whispered.

As he did so, he felt her put some cold gel between his buttocks, and one finger pushed into his exposed anus. 'Sh sweetie. It’s for your own good'.

As one finger pushed inside him, he moaned. Her other hand reached under him to take a hold on his balls. She moved the finger in and out, saying 'Good boy!, Mummy's good boy'.

He started to push back against her hand and try to thrust his groin forward to get some pleasure, but she moved her hand with him, so he was humping nothing. 'Sh! Don’t move. Open up for Mummy'.

So saying, she slipped her finger out, and he felt something else pushing into him. Bigger than a finger! 'This is a plug, sweetie. Very good for you.'

He plucked up a token resistance. 'No Mummy. Why!' ' Because I say so. Good boys always do what their mummies tell them to do'. As she said this, the thumb and forefinger of the hand holding his balls curled round the base of his penis, and gently started to move up and down, tiny movements.

'Open wide for Mummy!' Desperate to keep the sensations going on his front, he pushed back, and she pushed the plug firmly in him. There was a brief stabbing pain as the widest part of the plug pushed past his ring, and then it was in. She kept her mini movements going for a while longer, while her other hand tapped a rhythm in time on the base of the plug.

He could feel the orgasm welling up, but not getting there. Unlike anything he had felt before, and not sure whether the feeling was coming more from behind than front. Gradually he could feel the pressure building and building. Then she stopped.

'Was that nice, sweetie? Such a good boy!' 'Oh Mummy, just a little more. Please! Please let me come!'
‘I don’t think so, honey. I think you have to earn that. Now turn over. On your back. Let’s look for those nasty little hairs'.

He rolled over, feeling the plug inside him. She stretched out his arms and legs, looping silk cords to each corner of the bed. Once again she reached for his balls, this time looping a band underneath and around him. 'You are wearing one of Mummy’s hair ties, sweetie. Aren’t you lucky!

With the band around the base of his penis, under his balls, his erection seemed to strain upwards. She patted it and smiled. ‘You’re pretending to be a man again. Well you aren’t. You are a boy. Remember that'.
She reached over for another cream. 'This is a reduction cream. It will help reduce the size of your ugly male defect'. He was about to protest, when she pressed on her mobile phone. The plug inside him started to vibrate. She giggled.

‘Isn’t this great! It’s an app on my phone called Male Management'. With one hand resting on his 'defect' and the other tapping her phone, he couldn’t gather his thoughts enough to say anything. He so wanted to come!
Very gently she started to gently rub the pink cream into his genitals. 'Honey this is Demalex. It’s a mixture of hormones and aphrodisiac. It’s recommended that I rub this on you three times a day, before meals'.

You’ll also be on a course of 'Emasculonin'. By suppository. Once when you wake up, and once before you go to sleep. That will help with your depression, and help you be more receptive to my orders. Of course you’ll have to wear the butt plug 24/7. We don’t want any of the lovely Emasculonin to leak out, do we honey!'
'But I don’t want my cock to be smaller!' He managed to stammer. ‘I don’t want this'.

'Oh sweetie, it’s what I want. And I know that you want to be a good boy for Mummy. Sh now. When we’ve finished it won’t really be a cock, more of a chick, really'.
Can’t believe no one else has commented on this.
It’s very well written.
(08-25-2020, 11:13 PM)afp Wrote: Can’t believe no one else has commented on this.
It’s very well written.
It certainly evokes interesting imagery. It’s been a couple of months now so I would imagine he is already something of a ‘changed man’.  Wink
(08-25-2020, 11:13 PM)afp Wrote: Can’t believe no one else has commented on this.
It’s very well written.

Thank you! I don’t know why people don’t comment on my occasional contributions here - I’d do more if they did!
You’re welcome Bonzodoug. Like Girlygirl says, the protagonist must have gone through many changes over the months. So there’s a desire to know. The mental imagery on the first chapter made it a great read. More of the same please.
(08-26-2020, 05:36 AM)Bonzodoug Wrote:
(08-25-2020, 11:13 PM)afp Wrote: Can’t believe no one else has commented on this.
It’s very well written.

Thank you! I don’t know why people don’t comment on my occasional contributions here - I’d do more if they did!
Seconded, Bonzodoug. This forum goes through peaks and troughs of activity but I do like it when I get to read from a number of different posters (and therefore a number of different perspectives) and always try to comment if I feel I can add to the discussion. It would be great to read more from you.  Big Grin

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