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New Techniques For Cassie May 2020
Sorry I know it’s a bit late but I wanted to say how brilliant it was to see the return of Meghan, Courtney, Josie, Cassandra and Michelle in ‘New Techniques For Cassie’ in the May 2020 issue of PDQ.
I loved their first letter in May 2015 (My Son’s Secret Dress) and Josie’s own letter in July 2017 (With Help From A Friend), and highly recommend purchasing those issues through the PDQ Archives. The ‘Secret Dress’ letter had such an effect on me I emailed Auntie Helga about it, who was very understanding and kind in her reply.
I love the latest update too, especially the use of worn panties in Cassandra’s time out, so degrading yet intimate and arousing. I sincerely hope Meghan, Courtney and Josie read this and know what amazing jobs they have done with their sissies, and we get more updates soon.
I hope you are all safe and well.

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