Poll: Should girls supervise boys in bathrooms?
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Sandra's Update 2
Our traditional FLS marriage was in England, pews packed with eminent British FLS couples.

 Female parishioners in sheer, virtually transparent white dresses, black strappy stiletto sandals.

 Nude male partners sat on nubbed Wedding Dildoes, whimpering.      

 Adele "Marched" Robin (barefoot naked, a-tiptoe) up the aisle to me. 

 Ample Titties juddered, fat Fannychubs heaved, flagrant erection drooled.

 We were guests of Adele's wealthy girlfriend, Enid.

 The Honeymoon was delayed for a year. I attended The FLS Academy for Young Dominas in Ireland.

 My classmates were teens from affluent FLS households throughout Great Britain, The Commonwealth, America. They shared Lady Grooms with Mothers and female relatives.

 Tall, handsome, hugely-hung professional Disciplinarians, Orifice Shavers, Lovers.

 FLS girls are extremely strict Dominas, of course. Men, especially daddies, fear them.

 However. Most Dominas have a Groom, too.

 Enid shared hers with Adele. As well as other Ladies.

 He stripped them. Fingered fuzzy Orifices. Soaped & shaved.

 Bent, legs wide apart, over 4-legged wooden trestles. Big toes & thumbs affixed with leather cords.

 Canings, beltings, Tawsings, strappings, paddlings, whippings, other implements.

 Rectal Reamings.

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