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Are boys better off petticoated in the long run.
(05-23-2020, 04:22 PM)crushed ego Wrote: In your opinion do you think boys are happier petticoated. Now, i am not asking if they are less trouble or anything along those lines, simply if petticoating, in the long run, leads to a more happy and fulfilling life for the brat in question.

I find myself agreeing with Girlygirl. I'm transgender and it has certainly helped me  more in life than been a hindrance. By almost forcing a person to address a serious issue they either make a socially acceptable choice which can be reinforced. If the choice is based on fear or hatred then it is still flexible enough to be changed by persuasion/teaching. If we all acknowledged others' choices and beliefs equally then this, and much else, becomes a non-issue.
(05-23-2020, 11:08 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: ...My basic premise is as follows:

Petticoating should be introduced for everyone and operated on three levels:

Dress: everyone whether boy or girl should have to start being confined only to dresses. Think of this like letting a baby wear pants before they had managed to control their nappies. Everyone should have to then pass a form of exam or practical observation. At this stage it might be the ability to frolic without showing one’s knickers or to skip rope. Only once they have shown that they’ve mastered being girly should they progress...

A very interesting idea with much to commend it. Historically many cultures have 'dress-like' clothing worn by males other cultures have everybody wearing basically the same outfit. Broadly it is Western Europe and those countries who are influenced by them that have aggressively promoted 'male' and 'female' garment types and, since the 1950s 'teenagers' as well. This goes back to the Bible passage about men not wearing women's clothes and vice-versa, considering the spirit of that statement and the number of translations it had undergone is it not reasonable to state all shall wear suitable clothing which is then specified elsewhere. I find it interesting that similar passages concerning tattoos, mixing clothes of different materials, jewellery, and much else are widely ignored. I need to find the original thread to expand my thoughts  
(05-28-2020, 01:55 PM)melodie Wrote: Just as girls today are allowed to dress from the skin out as males so should boys be allowed to dress as girls.  Dresses in of themselves do not a sissy make but will expound a boys options ust as girls now have today.  My mom started me wearing dresses at age 11 and I loved them for the freedom they bestowed upon me.

Girlygirl's idea would reduce clothing to garment designations and remove the sex-typing currently endemic in Western culture. That would work with your suggestion which I agree totally with.
(05-28-2020, 10:24 PM)Girlygirl Wrote: ...I almost think you would need to introduce it almost as a subject, just to prove that it is acceptable and to ensure all boys have the ‘informed consent’ to either adopt female roles or not.

9:00 - 10:00 woodwork
10:00-11:00 football practice
13:00-14:00 makeup and fashion
14:00-15:00 cheerleading practice

The above would allow females to discover the joys of manufacture and kicking a ball about which they could either take on to later life or choose not to and the boys would learn how to apply makeup and dance around in skirts which they could choose to take on to later life or not.

The benefit of this for the boy would be a) they would get to experience it in a controlled environment where they may otherwise not dare try it and b) it reduces the risk of embarrassment as the other boys will also be wearing cheerleading skirts and makeup.

Right there is the core principle that would make this an excellent solution.
There is benefits for males of all ages for wearing dresses and skirts. The postrate needs to be kept at a certain temperature so as not to develop cancers such as testicular or prostrate. Also heavy mens/boys underwear such as tightywhiteys carry bacteria the same as diapers do. It is recommended they be boiled in hot water to kill off bacteria. Panties however are not because they are lighter and thinner yet still give support.
An interesting new angle there, Melodie and certainly worthy of contemplation. Everything considered, the only mystery really is why males need an excuse or reason to justify embracing their femininity at all.  Big Grin
There are so many forms of petticoating as you will read about in the forum . From being fully babied to being fully feminized and everything in between . I suppose it depends on the mother and the individual boy and their circumstances .
Angel A little bit of hanky panky does you good .  Angel
It certainly comes in a plethora of formats - and I was introduced to most of them,   Wink which is something I am more comfortable in admitting than I was at the time.
(05-23-2020, 04:22 PM)crushed ego Wrote: In your opinion do you think boys are happier petticoated. Now, i am not asking if they are less trouble or anything along those lines, simply if petticoating, in the long run, leads to a more happy and fulfilling life for the brat in question.

It depends on whether the boy wants it or not.

Some of us, me included, are sissies.  From an early age, we were interested in all things girly, and acted on it.  I personally have no regrets.  I have a very feminine side to my personality and to deny it is foolish and leads to great unhappiness.  If a boy wants petticoating, he will be happier and more balanced as a person when he is.

When I was first introduced to girls clothes as a child I hated them. But that was because a dress was deemed to be for a girl, and I wasn’t a girl, rather than it being uncomfortable as a garment. Most boys wear a dressing gown, which is similar to a dress if you really think about it, and think nothing of it.

There’s no doubt that shorts or trousers can get uncomfortable, as they’re tight around your bits when you sit down, and can get quite warm as a result.

A dress or skirt, being much looser, is much more comfortable, in my opinion.

Now that I no longer care whether something is ‘boys’ clothes’ or ‘girls’ clothes’ and I can choose skirts and dresses whenever I like, I choose them pretty much all the time. And I love it!

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