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Is it taboo?
(05-19-2020, 03:22 AM)belinda_t Wrote: My wife and I were having a discussion the other night about mothers turning their sons into sissies. It's a relatively 'common' theme in the PDQ letters. Strikes us that there must be some fathers out there who have turned their sons into sissies as well. A marriage breakdown, for whatever reason, won't always leave the mother with the children. It must happen that fathers are left holding the baby so to speak!
We could well imagine the 'benefits' of a single man having a sissy son to do the house work etc.

Is it a taboo subject or are we way of coarse with our thoughts?

Whether it is taboo or not ultimately depends who you’re asking and where in the world you’re asking it (I would maybe avoid the subject if you ever find yourself in North Korea or Saudi Arabia for instance). 

As far as this forum is concerned though, I shouldn’t imagine you need look too far to find a father who has engaged in this behaviour (particularly where they’ve enjoyed or benefitted from the experience themselves previously) and given the number of mother’s doing it, it can’t possibly be unheard of for a father to use this technique.

(05-21-2020, 04:27 AM)RadicalFeminist Wrote: Quick comment, thou not petticoating. I have encountered a few drag queens who have encouraged their sons to become queens too. It is pretty ironic thinking about it that instead of having a catch with dad or checking out the latest action movie, father and son are sharing makeup and dress shopping.
LOL. And yet isn’t that the society so many of us on here aspire towards?
Fathers guiding sons versus mothers guiding sons? i know this has been dancing around in my head since i saw Belinda's post. When RadicalFeminist mentioned about Drag Queens helping their sons . . . a dizzying concept. i don't think until now, i had even ever though of a drag queen at home with her son. An evening with the family. What a great theme for a sit-com, finally one that i would watch.

Now if the stereo-type cliche about drag queens (and, i LOVE drag queens) being generally gay. Then Mom, in the family would be male . . . or . . . not necessarily?

i think, if i had a point here . . . i lost it.

Okay, gonna scoot and go untangle my brain.

Its not taboo, IMO, but as others have said its not common.

I was dressed by a woman and then a man (once the woman moved away). Neither were family. My experiences with the man helped me become a VERY sissy little boy with fuller petticoats, amazing dresses, fun little nighties, and of course panties boys like me only dreamt of. Girls swimsuits, regular girls shorts, skirts, t shirts, and sneakers rounded out my wardrobe. 

So basically a man can make a sissy boy's dreams come true as well as any woman.

Princess Tommy
(05-20-2020, 01:46 PM)Conway Wrote: Laws regarding child custody cases usually favor the mother, so cases where the father has sole custody are rare. Of course, there are cases where the mother passes on and the father is the sole surviving parent. So your question is an interesting one.

I think the real issue is to decouple femininity from female birth gender, and make femininity a lifestyle aspiration regardless of gender.

There are plenty of men who are heterosexual and successful, even "vanilla" in everyday life, who simply admire and enjoy feminine things. We see manifestations of that with Asian "ladyboys", expensive love dolls, and so forth. Back in the 70s and 80s, it was known as "gender bending".

Personally, I think single moms and lesbian couples offer the ideal homelife, though powerful women who are the breadwinners and heads-of-households in more traditional female/male relationships are certainly good as well.

Keeping boys away from toxic masculinity is important, and perhaps common in more progressive environments, but still a bit uncommon in more conservative communities.

I would hope that a man who feminizes a son would follow a woman's lead and do things like encourage playing with dolls, taking ballet classes, learning how to cook, encouraging dress-up, etc. Here is a great video of some boys really indulging in glamor and having a great time being the center of attention, posing, and simply having fun by hamming it up. Honest and safe fun, far better than American football or rough and immature horseplay in general.

I agree this isn't taboo.I agree on if it needs to be done to a son who has bad attitude or need a life adjustment for what he has done.Also in this video do you believe they are all boys. A couple of them I wonder if they were girls. Some were too girly

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