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Is it taboo?
My wife and I were having a discussion the other night about mothers turning their sons into sissies. It's a relatively 'common' theme in the PDQ letters. Strikes us that there must be some fathers out there who have turned their sons into sissies as well. A marriage breakdown, for whatever reason, won't always leave the mother with the children. It must happen that fathers are left holding the baby so to speak!
We could well imagine the 'benefits' of a single man having a sissy son to do the house work etc.

Is it a taboo subject or are we way of coarse with our thoughts?
It is certainly not taboo just not common. I personally know of a few cases where the father was either docile or feminized too. In these cases, the very domineering mother was the breadwinner and the father was more of a househusband/Mr. Mom. The petticoating was still driven by the mother and the father had no choice in the manner.

I have heard of stores dating back to the 19 century where fathers would suggest petticoating if they deem their sons were not manly enough. This was actually more common than you would think mostly to scare the boy to man-up thou in some cases petticoating just ensured the sons were sissies for life.

Was there a particular question or thoughts your wife and you had?
I would have thought that the main risk a 'man' might have in making his son into a sissy is that his wife, ex wife or female family member sees the benefit and then imposes it on him!
I don't see the topic as being taboo at all.

if the son doesn't meet father's expectations, turning him into a sissy may be for the best.

i do prefer, personally, that this be done lovingly, whether by mom or dad.

Soft and sweet seems to achieve more desirable results over the rod.
In petticoats and permed curls
Miss Kimmi
We have no particular reason for asking the question. Just one of those thought bubbles that popped into out minds. I did do a Google search on the subject and all we came up with was porno type stuff.

My father actually was the opposite. He thought I was a 'homo', his words, and tried to belt it out of me!!!
Laws regarding child custody cases usually favor the mother, so cases where the father has sole custody are rare. Of course, there are cases where the mother passes on and the father is the sole surviving parent. So your question is an interesting one.

I think the real issue is to decouple femininity from female birth gender, and make femininity a lifestyle aspiration regardless of gender.

There are plenty of men who are heterosexual and successful, even "vanilla" in everyday life, who simply admire and enjoy feminine things. We see manifestations of that with Asian "ladyboys", expensive love dolls, and so forth. Back in the 70s and 80s, it was known as "gender bending".

Personally, I think single moms and lesbian couples offer the ideal homelife, though powerful women who are the breadwinners and heads-of-households in more traditional female/male relationships are certainly good as well.

Keeping boys away from toxic masculinity is important, and perhaps common in more progressive environments, but still a bit uncommon in more conservative communities.

I would hope that a man who feminizes a son would follow a woman's lead and do things like encourage playing with dolls, taking ballet classes, learning how to cook, encouraging dress-up, etc. Here is a great video of some boys really indulging in glamor and having a great time being the center of attention, posing, and simply having fun by hamming it up. Honest and safe fun, far better than American football or rough and immature horseplay in general.
An interesting question you pose Belinda.

I know from my own personal experience that my father was aggressive, and prone to near violent outbursts when he had learnt that I had been wearing my sisters clothes, or if he caught me in my sisters clothes which was more than a few times.

My dressing was triggered by an early childhood experience at a very young age (7 years old). It was purely circumstantial in how how it arose. I had no clean boy underwear for school one morning, and my mother discreetly suggested I might wear a pair of my 6 year old sisters knickers to school for the day. We weren't well off and the material of my (cheap) school trousers would itch if I hadn't got underwear on, so my sister Suzie's knickers was more practical than anything else as far as my mother was concerned, There was absolutely no coercion involved. When I did wash, and changed for school and put my sisters knickers on, it was an incredible tactile experience. It was the singular event in my childhood that set me on a road to being a sissy.

I had three sisters, so as a boy the temptation was constant to dress. I was smitten, as well as frustrated that girls had far prettier clothes than boys. I was always aware if I went to my sisters room, I was guaranteed I would find something nice to try on. The problem with this was, invariably I was going to get caught having that many sisters and two other brothers and of course my parents.

My mother was quite understanding and forgiving about my dressing while I was growing up. She tried to protect me and hide it from my father whenever I had been dressing in my sisters clothes.

My father was emotionally distant, quite domineering, austere and cold, I came to fear him as a boy. I was also quite sensitive to his mood swings, and temper. Although much older in life I began to confront his views and his cold, remote relationship I had with him, that did me immense psychological damage.

He loathed the fact I dressed in and liked to wear girls clothes. I think he saw it as a threat to his masculinity and he probably saw the fact I was a sissy, was a reflection on him as a failure as a father.

It wasn't until later in life I began to realise not all fathers and men were like him.
Quick comment, thou not petticoating. I have encountered a few drag queens who have encouraged their sons to become queens too. It is pretty ironic thinking about it that instead of having a catch with dad or checking out the latest action movie, father and son are sharing makeup and dress shopping.
FWIW my father was a 'man's man'. Old fashioned ruled the house with an iron fist type. He gave me a hard time. My older brother was also a 'man's man'. My younger sister is also a 'man's man'. (She is single and thinks and acts like a man). I spent a lot of time as a kid staying with an aunt during school holidays etc. She pampered me and fussed over my hair and cloths etc. She taught me to cook and sew. I credit her with much of who I am today. (The down side is that when my father passed away his multi million dollar estate by passed me!! I was left little of it. My older brother got 90% of the estate).

The thing is that I have difficulty imagining a situation where a father, any father, would turn his son into a sissy. Albeit a gentle loving sissy or a forced sissy. Would a father nurture a son into being a feminized sissy? Would it be a relationship where the father saw the sissy son as a substitute for the ex wife? Or would it be a vindictive relationship where the father simply saw the son as a sissy workhorse?

I survived my fathers influence. Although my councilor thinks I need to erase him from my memory. I met a girl that took me for who I am. She now is a very supportive wife. We have lived as two females now for about 18 years. Give or take a few years. It' turned out well. What would my father say? I really nolonger care!!

Thanks for reading my tale of woe.

An interesting question.

From personal experience I have to so that it is NOT taboo. My father was a mans man and my older brother idolised him. My mother was before she married a dance teacher and sometimes performed in pantomimes at Christmas.

I was not a strong child as I was four weeks premature, this being in days with less medical procedures and equipment as now I grew up smaller and weaker than others my age. This fell in well with my mothers obsession of having her own little princess that she could lavish lots of love on as she was unable to have more children after I was born and my brother was not interested in anything to do with dance or the arts.

I have seen photographs of when I was a toddler dressed in the most feminine of little boy fashion with shoulder length hair in soft wavy curls.

When I was about five years of age I was started at the dance school where my mother taught tap dancing. I was taught tap, ballet and character dance. I wore the same as the girls, that is a pretty white back button blouse with full sleeves and black trunks. This being before the leotard became popular.

On the annual end of year concerts I wore the same costume as the girls with my hair and make up being done the same.

At a family function when I was about fourteen I heard my uncle ask my father "Why do you put up with your wife raising your son ------- as such a sissy" Fathers reply was "I've got a son I can be proud of that is following in my footsteps and she has he little fairy princess that she can dress and pamper as she likes."

I suppose it was not unexpected that such a comment would be made at that time as I was wearing very pretty white satin and lace lingerie that the outline of which was just visible under my pink georgette back button pussy-bow blouse with black velvet shorts and pink tights and black Mary-Jane shoes.

This outfit was similar to most of my clothes but this was the most feminine of all. When my uncle and his family were leaving I gave him a big sloppy kiss on the lips and said "it's really lovely being mummies princess. I'm glad you know the truth now." He was absolutely stunned and couldn't get out of our company quickly enough. I never saw him again.

Anyway the answer to your question is No it's not taboo unless their is abuse involved. 


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