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(05-18-2020, 11:44 PM)Brenda Wrote: I always think it good thing to say to potential sissies is to say:

"So many men are becoming sissies today. Its quite normal."

And then when he puts up a fight and disagrees you can go to pinterest and show him the many photos of men dressed femininely.

Maybe something like this, a collection of women with men dressed in "women's clothes."

And then perhaps you can get him to start to learn how to curtsy, by doing a little curtsy practicing each day. It works for me!

Do keep us informed of your progress with him, as it always brings us happiness here at petticoated to know that there will be one less bratty macho boy out there ruining the world with his ego.


How interesting!! I will keep you all informed, I’m the the process of planning it. I have made contact with Aunt Helga, as well.

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