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How does that make you feel?
The "From Mistress Alison" entry this month (May 2020) inspired this post. 

The writer asked for advice from Mistress Alison after her husband asked her if he could wear her nighty and panties to bed, which lead to him eventually wearing full outfits of dresses and all the typical clothes that go with them. At each new phase, the love-making was great, but eventually he would masturbate more often and the love-making became much less frequent. She didn't know what to do with the situation and wondered if her husband might be gay or wanting a sex change. 

Wisely, Mistress Alison's advice was to sit down and have an open honest conversation and ask the questions that waere  on her mind, after explaining what we know of most men who love wearing pretty clothes. This inspired the writer to take the lead in her relationship, dressing her husband up in the clothes and makeup that she bought him, having the conversation to get her questions answered, instructing her husband to not ask any questions and just trust her and taking her husband out for a day in the city dressed looking like a woman, helping her husband fulfill his desires. She was very satisfied with the outcome and the problem that moved her to write in the first place no longer existed.

In the spirit of solid helpful communication, the question "How does that make you feel?" came to mind. I envision a repository of described situations, either something that happened in the past or something planned for in the future, the question "How does that make you feel?" and then the answer to the question. Such a repository might be a helpful resource for dominant women, as examples of things could be used with their submissive that might generate feelings that they were not expecting from them.

The first example that came to mind is a fictionalized continuation of the situation of the writer, J, and her husband (see below). Other examples are inspired from previous stoies that I have written.

I would like to invite you fellow forum members ,to ontribute your own "How does that make you feel?" entries to this post. The suggested format is just 3 items. 1. From the point of view of a dominant woman (wife, girlfriend, date, sister, aunt, mother, grandmother, cousin, step mother, daughter, neighbour, teacher, secretary, boss, nurse, sales assistant, etc.) write up a situation, either something that has happened, or something that is planned to be done and then 2. End it with the question "How does that make you feel?" 3. Then write the response to that question.

1. J: Sweetheart, that Saturday, the first time I dressed you like a woman and took you out shopping, dining, and to a movie, I took control and lead you, not even allowing you to ask all of the questions that you wanted to ask me. I surprised you by straight away taking you out in public. I am now more in control of your dressing up pretty than before.
2. How does that make you feel?
3. J's Husband: J, I feel so happy that you are more involved in this part of my life that I get so much pleasure from. I feel excited to be doing something that also feels scary and feel so supported by you, doing this together. I feel nervous but also turned on by the power and confidence that you show of taking charge like this.

1. J: As you know, I have done some research into what you have shown me that turns you on. Previously, I simply let you explore your interest as I didn't understand much about it and understood that you masturbated from all the excitement of your dressing up. Now I understand things much better and want so very much to share your sexual energy from your interest all of the time, given that I am much more involved. I want you to try something out for me. I want to see how much fun we might have playing with a toy. I want you to shop online with me and help me to choose a couple of chastity devices for you.
2. How does that make you feel?
3. I feel guilty for the times I masturbated and left you feeling alone and sexually unfulfilled. I feel excited by the idea of trying out such a toy and apprehensive of what changes in my life that this might bring. I also feel submissive, knowing that really I can't say no to you, after all that you have done for me and given to me, and your power, suggesting these new ideas, makes me feel all melty inside. I am in awe of the changes in you recently.

1. Blake: Don, I just dressed you up in my panties, my bra, my pantihose, my purple school girls type dress and had you go down on me and told you not to expect any reciprocation tonight. And I have a silky nighty for you to wear to bed and a tight girdle for you to wear under it, so you won't have any accidents that might happen if you were to wear loose nylon panties under your new nightie
2. How does that make you feel?
3. I am so turned on right now. I love going down on you, and feeling all of your pretty clothes on my body, knowing that your body was just wearing the panties that I am wearing now makes me more excited than I can ever remember being. I am very interested in what it will feel like to sleep in a pretty silky nightie and am also worried about where you are planning to take all of this as I don't seem to have much input at this point.

1. Sister: There. All done with your makeup. I think you look great in my dress and I can see your bra straps through the lace in the shoulders. You are taller in Mom's shoes too.
2. How does that make you feel?
3. It's all so strange. It is exciting, but I'm scared too. I don't want anyone else but you to see me like this. Everyone will laugh. But it feels so nice, having the skirt brush across my legs, in your pantihose. My red lips look, well sexy. Wow. I'm all nervous in my stomach, but it is a good nervous. Thank you, sis, for letting me try this. You are the best, the coolest sister ever!

1. Grandmother: Time to get ready for bed. You can pick from the three nighties hanging up in the closet. I very much enjoyed our special day together, with you dressed up in your aunt's old pretty clothes that I had boxed up. You seemed to be enjoying me showing you how to bake, in your pretty princesses apron. It didn't take you long to get comfortable in your new clothes, it would be hard to guess it was the first time you wore a dress. You know that any time you come and visit, if you like, you can wear more of your aunts old clothes that I didn't have the heart to give away.
2. How does that make you feel?
3. Grandson: Oh grandma, it was such fun helping you out today and pretending to be a girl, like my Mom or my aunt. I was shy at first, but somehow the pretty clothes helped me to let go and have fun doing all of the girly things that we did today. It just seemed more fun doing it all in a dress. Thank you so much for playing dress up, it was really fun.

1. Grandmother: I wondered if you might choose the pretty pink nightie. I have just the right plastic panties to go with it. You seemed to enjoy our dressup play this afternoon and evening. How about we continue the fun overnight? You probably don't know this, but your aunt had a bit of a struggle keeping her bed dry and she was fairly old when she finally stopped needing protection. Even though she struggled with it, we all just accepted that for some children, it takes a bit longer to gain control of that part of their bodies. And sure enough, she did. We decided to have some fun with it, instead of making it dreary, so I found a place to buy some really pretty and cute diapers and plastic panties. I miss the special close time I had with your aunt when she needed me in this way. If you are still interested in more dressup play, I would be happy to put you in a nice thick, comfy diaper with some cute lacy pink plastic panties that go so well with the nightie that you picked out, and I even have a large sized pacifier around here somewhere that you could try too, just for fun.
2. How does that make you feel?
3. Wow grandma, I didn't know that my aunt had this trouble. I don't know, diapers are for babies and I don't need one. But you said that you and my aunt had fun with it anyway? I have to say, I am curious, with how you descibed it. If it brought you and my aunt closer together, then I guess I am game to give it a try. I love you and love how close a day we had with wearing a dress all day, baking with you. So sure, let me see what it feels like.

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