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House Maid Chapter 3
Thank you for another chapter of your very well-written story, Tina.  I do like where you are going with it.  Mistress is establishing ABSOLUTE control over her maid, in a way that I have often imagined.  I especially like the idea of the chastity cage, the steel collar with bell (steel is SO absolute!) and elimination of maid's access to money.  

While it's very exciting to imagine these various things being applied, living with them on a day-to-day basis is quite another thing.  Maid's neck will take a while to grow accustomed to his new collar; his ears will also take a while to grow accustomed to the constant tinkle of his bell.  All of which will continue to provoke an involuntary arousal, but his steel cage will frustrate any satisfaction or release.  And being regularly restrained on a short chain locked to his collar will be a sharp reminder of his total loss of freedom.  

All of which will serve to continually reinforce maid's absolute subordination to Mistress, as days progress into weeks and then into months.  His submission has become quite real and total; no more topping from the bottom.  Maid has entered a brave new world.  No turning back now.  

We all eagerly look forward to his further adventures, and future rolls of the dice. 

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