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House Maid Chapter 2
Chapter 2
For the remainder of the day I carried on with my duties as normal. Mistress went out in the afternoon, not saying where she was going, other than leaving me with the curt instruction to. “I want to see the house spotless when I return, so no shirking.”
I worked hard for the rest of the afternoon, cleaning, cooking, making sure the house was tidy and everything in it’s place.
Today was a Tuesday and I had planned a few male centred activities later in the week, but I now wondered with everything which I transpired this morning whether the week would go as I had originally planned. 
Through the last few months whilst I had been a maid for two days a week, in many ways it was still a plaything that we indulged in. Mistress had a cleaner and I was allowed to dress and act the maid. What was said this morning took everything into a phase. One where I was no longer trying to top from the bottom and one where my Mistress’s words that she owns me kept echoing in my mind. What had I agreed too? Time would tell!
I heard the car pull up into the drive and automatically moved quicker at the task in hand. As Mistress entered the kitchen I stopped what I was doing, curtsied and stood still as per previous instructions, hands clasped in front of me resting on my apron, feet together and head slightly bowed.
“Carry on.” She instructed.
As I continued preparations for the evening meal, Mistress sat at the kitchen table placing some bags down on the floor. She told me that tonight I was to serve her meal at the dining room table and that it must be a full silver service. 
She instructed me that I must look special tonight, not sure what she meant I hesitated and looked across at her.
“There we go again - did I ask you to stop what you are doing? No! 
I quickly turned and continued working, thinking to myself that Mistress was really getting into the roll.
“The dice will be rolled tonight.” She said laughing
Mistress continued. Informing me that I am to wear the full French maids uniform, the one she discovered that I had purchased all those years previous, when my dressing was very much my secret. You may wear your frilliest underwear, petticoat, corset, stockings and of course high heels she went on to instruct. That very full lace apron will look good together with the maids mop cap. No make up or wig, as she made it clear that I was to look and feel the part of a male maid.
“Understand?” she asked but did not wait for a reply, as she stood leaving the kitchen. As she did telling me not to touch the bags she had left on the floor and to bring her a glass of Merlot in the lounge. 
Once dinner was prepared and the table all set I went up to my room and took out the maids dress I was to wear in the evening. I had that morning already shaved my legs, so getting ready revolved around sorting out exactly what to wear and then getting dressed.
Not having any make up to apply meant that getting myself presentable was relatively quick. As life long submissive transvestite I had in years passed become quite adapt at applying make up and presenting as a female, although I would always have been read. But those days were all in the past and Mistress was very keen that I was, as her maid only to present as a humiliated and submissive male. Every time I looked at my reflection my status was reinforced. I was a male maid, her maid and only fit to obey.
I changed into my finest black bra and pantie set. The black satin corset had six suspenders and with metal stays - it really made a difference to my waist size. I knew that the dress would be tight, so I pulled the laces in as far as I could, taking short breaths would be the order of the night. Tan seamed stockings were always such a thrill, I took care to ensure the seams were straight. As anticipated zipping up the black maids dress was tight, but I managed okay. The petticoat was of course white organza with several layers making the hem of the dress stick out an unmanageable angle. 
Nearly there I thought, resisting a look in the mirror. Next the shoes, black patent leather stilettos, easy to slip into, as bending was never easy in a corset. Then I placed on my head the maids mop white cap edged in lace
Finally, the apron. It was very very frilly with tie bands around the neck and waist, in themselves overly long so large bows resulted.
That was it, I was ready. I now stole a look in the full length mirror and reflected I looked pretty good, as a maid, provided my face was disregarded!
 Leaving my room and heading down the stairs I was just at the bottom step when I heard the bell ring. I hurried along to the lounge, entering with a small curtsy as required.
Mistress had also changed and looked absolutely stunning in a long shiny satin skirt, white blouse and more make up than she would normally wear.
“Good I’m pleased to see you did as instructed, now do a twirl.” 
I slowly minced around on the spot, pleased that Mistress was pleased.
She smiled. “Right a glass of Merlot and some olives.” She commanded. “And then we can begin this little ceremony to mark the changes.”
I still had no idea what she was planning, so with slight nervousness I hurried off to the kitchen and prepared the tray with her drink and nibbles. Returning she took her wine and told me to kneel in front of her.
“I am very pleased that you accepted my changes.” She said, lifting my chin up so that I was looking into her eyes. My mind buzzing with the desire to serve my Mistress above everything else and then quickly realising that my wish was coming true, although long ago words echoed across my thoughts, “be careful what you wish for.”
Her voice, as she continued abruptly brought me back to the present.
“There are some extra things I need to inform you about, so you know what is coming. Firstly, we shall start the new arrangement henceforth so you will continue being the maid until Friday and tomorrow you will type up everything I have said into a contract and you and I will sign it. I as the Mistress and you the maid.” She smiled into my eyes. God I so loved this woman.
“Secondly, tonight I intend to mark the evening with some extra, immediate changes. “ She announced. My heart skipped a beat.
“I have not mentioned the S word!” She paused, taking a drink of wine. “I know that you have been pleasuring yourself over the last few months, please.” She raised her hand. “Don’t do me the dishonour of denying it! This has to stop. You can not be trusted to self-regulate your desires, so I must do that for you. Now go and get the bags I left in the kitchen.” She commanded.
Returning, I reassumed my kneeling position and handed her the bags. With some unwrapping Mistress held in her hand a chastity cage. “You know what this is?” She asked.
I nodded.
I was informed that I would wear the cage 24/7 even when not serving as a maid. Mistress would be the key holder and would let me out of the cage when she felt it appropriate but that from now on she would completely control my sexual activities.
My heart raced.
She then went onto to say that of course that did not mean her sexual needs would be denied, in fact and she chuckled, she had lots of plans to enjoy a much better sex life now that I was her maid.
Mistress went onto recount the times early on in own marriage that I would ask to crawl under her skirts, making it clear that ample opportunity would be given for me to not just satisfy her but do so in ways that I had not imagined. She exclaimed. “Starting tonight.”
Before I was to serve dinner she informed that in future I should refer to her as Ma’am, not Mistress. That I was to use this title whether I was the maid or in male mode, irrespective of where we were, who we were with or what we were doing. Also that I would just be called, maid. No name as such, just maid and again this would be my title whatever the circumstances. 
“Do you understand?” She snapped. Again I nodded and cast my eyes down. 
Thoughts racing as I realised how serious this was and that my wife had planned and given lots consideration to how our lives would now be lead.
“Before I have dinner, go and bring my your wallet and a pair of scissors.” She commanded.
It didn't take me long to do as instructed and I knew what was coming next.
Kneeling again before her, she removed all my bank and credit cards from the wallet and proceeded to cut each one in half, dropping the pieces onto the carpet she handed back the wallet and told me to clear up the mess, bring her some more wine and serve dinner.
I hastily did as I was told, wondering what else was in the bags and fretting in my mind as to where this was all going! First though, dinner.

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Very well written.
J'adore !!
Heart  Sissy Gislaine Mohair from France  Heart 
Explicitly wonderful tina xxx

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