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How was your day?
Here is a story that I started. Let me know what you think. Am I touching the right buttons? Are you interested in the continuation of the story? A lot can happen in one day, when the groundwork has been set.


Part 1

Hi Blake, how was your day?
To tell you the truth, Don, it was exhausting. I am glad to be able to work from home most of the time, especially now. When I do have to go out, it takes its toll.
Well you're home now. Is there anything I can do to help you forget your day?
Aw, you're so nice to me. Sure, why don't you get us a glass of wine while I plop myself on the sofa.
Thanks so much, Don. You are always so kind and helpful to me. I want you to know that I recognize this and don't take you for granted.
Thanks, Blake, I appreciate you saying that. You know that I adore you and and love our life together. I love seeing you happy and doing things that make you smile. I'm sorry that you're day was so tiring.
Well, it was more mentally exhausting than anything else, but that does take a toll on my body too. Sweety, I was wondering if I could ask you a favour?
Sure, anything for you, my road warrior!
You always bring a smile to my face! Would you mind coming over here and please me with that wonderful tongue of yours?
Oh wow, right now in the middle of the day? Sure, I would love to.
Oh good. I just want something that will get my mind off of the day and some tension relief for my body. Oh and Don? Is it ok that we just focus on me right now? I am not intending this to necessarily be foreplay for us taking care of you too. Are you ok waiting until maybe tomorrow or on the weekend for us taking care of you?
Sure thing, Blake. You certainly deserve it. And besides, I enjoy feeling your orgasms and being part of making them happen pretty much as much as I love having an orgasm myself. So I will certainly being having a wonderfully sexy time too, even if I don't get to cum too.
Don, that is wonderulf. You are a read doll, you know? I can't believe how lucky I am to have you in my life. And Don, one more thing.
Sure Blake, just name it.
Don, please have an open mind for what I am going to ask you next. It is not easy for me to share this with you.
Blake, what is it? Should I be concerned?
No, no, nothing like that. It's just, well Don, I would like to get a bit better at teaching you what I want your tongue to do for me. Don't get me wrong, I love all of the times you have used your tongue on me, it's just that I have not felt 100% percent comfortable sharing with you what I like and what is missing the mark. And for that, I am sorry, It is not your fault at all. It is me. I didn't want to say anything that you might take as criticism. I didn't want to hurt your feelings or do anything that would curb your enthusiasm or interest in using your tongue on me. 
Don't worry Blake! I would love to know how I can get better at pleasing you. You can tell me anything that I can do to help me get better. Please don't worry about that.
I understand that now. I have grown and am continuing to learn. So, to make it easier for me to feel that I can teach you without worrying about how you will take it, would you do me a big favour?
Sure, what is it?
Well, you know that cute dress that you like to see me wear for you, the one that reminds us of a school girl's dress?
Yeah, the purple one with a built-in part that looks like a white button down shirt.
Yeah, that's the one. Well, it is hanging up in the laundry room and should be dry now. Would you mind getting it and the pair of pantyhose beside it and bringing them back here?
Sure, no problems. Here you go.
Now Don, this is the hard part for me. Would you be so kind as to put on the dress and become my student as you learn about how to use your tongue better?
You want me to wear your dress? Seriously?
Don, it would be so helpful for me for me to see you as a student, even if it is a bit girly, so I don't feel guilty telling you what you are doing right and what you are doing wrong. Am I bad to want to see my husband in a dress?
No, of course not Blake. You are not bad. It is just a peice of clothing, isn't it?
I'm glad that you see it that way. So you won't mind wearing the dress while I instruct you?
If you want me to, and it will help you, then of course. Just don't laugh at me.
Why not? You love making me laugh!
OK, you can laugh at me. Just don't disrespect me.
Disrespect you? Don, it's just the opposite. My respect for you will increase after I see you wearing a dress. Not that many men are courageous enough to wear dresses.
Really. I think that you will look cute and you already are a very sweet guy.
OK, then, give me the dress.
Wait a minute. Here you go. My warm panties, just off my tired body.
You want me to wear your panties too?
Of course, silly! I always wear panties under my dress.
Sure, they're your underwear, not mine. 
Just try them. I think you will like them.
You're sure?
I was the one who suggested you put them on, wasn't I?
That's true. OK, here goes. Hmm, very smooth and light. The fabric is thinner than the underwear that I normally wear.
Do you like them?
I think so. It certainly feels good in front. They slide very nicely.
Well, here, we can't have too much of that, now can we? Put these on next. Let me show you. You put your two thumbs in like this and bunch them up until you get to the toe. Then you pull them up to just over your knee and then switch to the other side. Then you pull them up a bit on each side back and forth until they are all the way up.
Yeah, I think I understand. I have seen you putting your pantihose on a number of times.
You see, Don, comments like that trigger a guilt response. Like, I am telling you something that you already know, that I shouldn't have said.
Oh, really? I'm sorry Blake.
No, no, Don. What you said was just fine. I see that now. It was just information. But for some reason, I still get that nagging internal feeling that I said something that I shouldn't have.
But I want you to tell me those things! They are helpful! I get to see if I understand it all, or still have something I could pick up.
I know that now. But I can't hep my internal reaction. I am thinking that with you looking like a student, I can channel my internal teacher and overcome my guilt trigger and help communicate to you better. Can you help me with that?
With pleasure!
Is that because you like how my panties feel on you?
Was it that obvious?
It was cute. I love you so much.
I love you too. I'm here wearing your panties, about to put on your pantihose and then a dress. How much more can a husband prove to his wife that he loves her?
Oh wait. No, I mean continue putting on your pantihose. I'll be back in sec.
Sure, take your time. I'm not going anywhere like this.
Oh Don, I love how you make me smile.
I love seeing your smile. I get lost in it, you know.
I'll be right back. 
Here we are. Raise you hands and arms out towards me.
So you want me to even wear a bra too.
Yes, Don. It goes with the panties and the dress.
Well, in for a penny, in for a pound, I guess.
Here you go. Not too tight around the chest?
A bit, but not too bad.
Let me adjust the straps a bit longer. There you go. This is one that doesn't have padded cups, so it seems to fit you pretty well, with those great peck muscles that you have.
You don't want to fill out the cups to give me the shape of boobs?
Nah, I want to see *you* in a dress, not some padded version of you.
Well, here I am.
Yes you are. As much as I love looking at your cute body in my panties, bra and pantihose, the idea was to have you remind me of a school student, in a school dress.
I could just have worn a shirt and tie and shorts, like the boy students wear.
Yeah, but I am pretty sure it would not work as well as you looking vulnerable in a cute dress and hose, with bra straps and panty lines showing through.
OK, so how do I look?
I love it, Don! I hope you don't mind me saying that? But it looks so cute on you. I can feel my inner teacher coming through. Now dear, find a comfortable position on the floor near the sofa. Use some pillows if you like.
Yes Ma'am!
Oh, I like that!
Certainly, Ma'am!
Now how do you like feeling my hands feeling your cute bra straps under your new dress?
I feel a bit self conscious.
Do you feel vulnerable?
Yes, that, and well, submissive.
You do?
Yeah, a bit.
Do you like that feeling?
Well, I'm not sure. But I must say I am very hard right now.
Hmm. So for the moment you feeling submissive and vulnerable might be a turn on for you, or it might not be. We'll just have to keep an eye out to see if it is or not.
Well, no, I'm pretty sure it is a turn on for me.
Hmm, well that is good to know. Would you like to try calling me Mistress, instead of Ma'am?
Yes, Ma'am. I mean, yes Mistress.
So how does that feel?
Well, if you are taking on the role of teacher, I guess, Mistress is appropriate.
That is not what I asked you.
Well, yeah, it does feel scary and a turn-on, in a scary way.
Scary? Why scary?
Because I don't know where it might lead, and I am a bit worried.
You don't know where it might lead, because I would be the one in the lead, and not you?
Yeah, that. It is exciting and worrying at the same time.
Do you trust me?
Yes. But I am not sure I want to ... I'm not sure.
Don, I would never want anything to harm you or our relationship. I love you and want to grow old with you. I pledged myself to you and accepted your pledge to me. See my pretty ring? That is what this means. Every time you look at my hand and see this ring, remember that.
So do you feel less scared?
Yes, I do thanks.
Do you still feel excited?
Yes, very much.
Good then, enough taking. I want your tongue to learn some more magic. Now, between my legs with you.
Very exciting
Please continue
(04-26-2020, 09:30 PM)afp Wrote: Very exciting
Please continue

Thanks, afp. Appreciate the response.
Again, any feedback is appreciated.

Part 2

Well, that was simply the most awesome experience I have ever had when you were between my legs.
I am thrilled! Thanks for letting me know what you wanted, what I could do less of. I loved feeling your pulses when you orgasmed. I felt comfortable stopping from time to time to get more comfortable. I could do this for hours! I loved it!
Me too. Me too. And you're ok with us not spending any focus on you cumming tonight?
I love feeling hard and turned on. It gives me energy and endurance and keeps me focused on being able to please you, over and over and over again. How many orgasms did you have?
I think I lost count too. Wow, that was awesome, awesome.
I love you.
I love you too. Would you wear a dress for me again if I asked you too?
If you want me too, sure, I will be happy to wear a dress for you.
Would you do me another favour?
I loved this last favour that I did for you, so sure, I would love to.
In our bedroom there is a pink bag in the closet on my side. Would you get it for me? Don't open it though. Oh, and get my hairbrush too.
OK, here you go.
Since you said that you would be happy to wear a dress for me again, and I actually want to see you in a dress here at home so that I can feel that teacher energy that will help me communicate with you more accurately, would you do me the favour of taking the hair off of your legs? I would love to see your hairless legs in the pantihose that you are wearing.
You're not worried about me having hairless legs in the summer?
Well Don, you really don't wear shorts that much in public in the summer anyway, and now with no real social gatherings taking place, I don't see that being a problem at all this summer.
And you really want me to keep my legs hairless?
It doesn't really take that long for the hair to grow back. Look at my legs during the winter months, after Christmas.
Yeah, I guess so. Well if you really want this, then I guess I can try it out.
Really Don? That's awesome. I mean, yes, I really do want to see what you look like and how you feel with your legs hairless.
OK, so how should I do that?
You can do what I do. You might want to start with the hair clippers that you have to get the hair short, and then the epilator that I use on my legs. It keeps the hair off longer than shaving and avoids nicks. Though it is more painful. But that goes away quickly enough.
Alright. Do you want me to do this now or what?
No need to wait. The evening is still young. I will just watch one of my TV shows that you don't care for while you take care of it. Oh, and one more thing. I know that you masturbate from time to time.
Yes, but you asked me to wait until the weekend, so I will.
I trust you that you will. However, I thought that we could take this time to play a bit more.
Oh, in what way?
Well, a couple of weeks ago, I bought something that I wanted to surprise you with, to spice up our sex lives. I know that tonight we just spiced it up alot already. But anyway, I thought that this was as good a time as any. Here is a chastity device that I thought would be fun to play with. You see, this ring goes around here and this locks in like that.
You bought that without talking to me about it?
Sure, it was to be a fun surprise. So surprise!
Why do you want to use something like that?
Well, I do want to be able to teach you what I like and don't like and this would be one more think that would help in that. Especially if you decide that you want me to have the keys and decide when it goes on and off. Tell you what. After you do your legs, your hardon should have gone down enough for you to be able to get this thing on. Try it on and we will experiment with it. You decide how long you want to keep it on and when it comes off. Then we can read reviews about it and what couples think who use such a thing. Doesn't that sound like a great learning experience?
Well, when you put it that way, sure, I'm game to give it a try. Let me see how the thing works.
Here you go. When you are all done, come back into the living room. I have another surprise for you that I have been dying to show you. I can't wait!
Enjoyed part 2 also. I love how she dominates him with gentle persuasion so he sweetly decides to follow her direction all because he adores her. Very well written.
Thanks afp, much appreciated reading what you appreciated.  Shy
For those of us who appreciate loving, positive submssiveness, here is...

Part 3
So what do you think? Pretty smooth, eh?
Nicely done! A few hairs hear and there, but for the first time taking the hair off your legs, they look fantastic! I am amazed at just how feminine they look, under all of the hair that you had. Now you must admit, that your outfit looks much better now with hairless legs peaking out from underneath it.
Yes, you are right, I do look much nicer this way.
And so, were you able to get the chastity device on?
Well it took a bit of doing. The lube that you put in the package helped, so thanks for getting that too. It is a bit uncomfortable when I am feeling sexy and want to get hard, but otherwise, it is surprisingly comfortable. Have a look.
Very nice! It is so nice to know that you will not be masturbating while you are alone and so will have that nice sexy energy ready for me whenever I want it. And seeing you in a dress, knowing that you are vulnerable and feeling submissive and will easily take my teaching when I want to help you get better for me and for yourself, well I get all mushy in side. In fact, I am feeling that right now. Would you be so kind to get the pillows again?
Right away, your Highness!
I like that! I do feel like a Queen, and you are my knight, all protected in your new armour. No one is going to get through that plastic cage to the vulnerability of your pleasure button but me. I am in charge of when and if you feel pleasure sexually, no one else. How does that make you feel?
I don't know how to explain it, but I have butterflies in my stomach. My legs don't feel like they can hold me, I am shaking, I am so excited.
Oh my, is that a good thing or a bad thing?
A good thing. I very good thing. I have never felt this ever before in my life, but I like it and want to feel it again and again.
When you hear that I am in charge of your sexual pleasure?
Yes, that.
And that you will remain unable to get hard until I decide if and when I will let you get hard?
Yes that.
Yes, Mistress, that.
Yes, Mistress, that.
And that too.
Yes Mistress, when I must call you Mistress too.
Hmmm. Interesting. So you like me being in charge of your sex.
Yes, Mistress.
And, well, I guess, in charge of your whole life, pretty much, given that you are now looking more feminine than masculine.
Yes, Mistress.
Is that tears in your eyes?
Yes, Mistress.
I don't know. I am just so happy, so excited, so scared.
You are still scared?
Yes, but in a more good way than before. I don't know what it going to happen next. A few hours ago, my wife came home to me as usual, but now, here I am, looking at my Mistress. I am wearing pretty soft panties, a bra, pantihose, a dress, and now a chastity device and I can no longer get hard. But I feel so excited sexually, I have never felt so sexually excited. I want to cry in happiness, in fear of the unknown, in love of you. I am in awe of you. You look so powerful to me right now. Like you could do anything to me and I would not be able to stop you if I wanted to.
Hmmm. You are very good at communicating your feelings. I should have done this ages ago, if I had know that I would get such a good insight into your feelings. Thanks for feeling safe to say all of these things to me.
Thanks for making me feel safe, though I also feel scared. It is a strange mixture of feelings. I could not be hear if I did not trust you so much, if I did not love you so much.
Don, thank you for saying that. I am glad that you say that you trust me. I would like to get back to feeling that way about you too.
Don, I know that that took you by surprise, but please, whenever you are wearing your chastity device and it is just the two of us, address me as Mistress. Or you can substitute Queen, or some other title of respect and power. But doing such a thing will help me to get totally rid of the feelings of guilt that sometimes comes up for me.
OK, pardon me Mistress?
Hmm. Yes the words are correct, but the tone could do with less sarcasm. We can work on that later.
Better. You see, Don, you left your computer on a few weeks ago and I wasn't snooping or anything, but I happened to notice a dark window behind the normal browser window you use. The names on the tabs were intriguing, so I clicked on the window. I'm sure you know what I found. I made note of the websites you were looking at and put it all back. But I did some research into the websites and was quite surprised at what I found. I sent a few emails to some of the people on these websites to get some input for the questions that I had, and read a couple of books a few people wrote that I could down load. I guess I wanted to feel confident, knowing some things before I had a conversation with you. It seems that through my research, my confidence grew even stronger than I thought that it might. And now, here we are, with my wonderful husband feminized, in chastity, loving the feeling of being submissive to me and willing to serve me as his Queen.
Blake, I can explain all of that ....
Dressing pretty and chastity were just the first steps, now there is ...

Part 4
I know that you will, Don. But I think for the moment I have all of the explanation that I need. What I need now, is to work out the disappointment that I feel inside at us not having a good enough level of communication that you would feel comfortable coming to me with these feeling that you have had for a fair amount of time. I have come to terms with who I believe I have discovered you to be. I think it is time now for you to come to terms with who you have awakened me to become.
Yes, Mistress. I am so sorry. I wanted so much to tell you, but I could not think of any way that I would not think that you would feel less of me.
Don, I don't think less of you because you feel good in feminine clothes. I don't think less of you because you would like to try me controlling your sexuality with a chastity device. I don't think less of you because you feel excited and turned on by feeling submissive to me. I don't think less of you because you want to serve me and make my life like I was your Queen. Just the opposite. I think the world of you because of all of this. However, I do think less of you because you felt that you had to hide something from me. I do think less of you because you felt you could not tell me the truth about you and who you really are, at your core.
I am so sorry, Blake. Mistress Blake. So sorry. I wish I could make it up to you. I am so sorry.
There is a way that you can make it up to me.
There is?
Yes, there is.
What is it? I will do it. Anything. 
Do you really mean anything?
Yes, Mistress, I do. I do. I do.
Even if it will be painful to you?
Even if it will be painful to me.
To me...?
Even if it will be painful to me, my Queen.
Very well then. Little Donnie. Donna. I want you to ask me to spank you.
You want me to ask you to spank me? Mistress?
Yes, little princess Donna. You wanted to cry earlier? I want to help you to cry. I want to help you to let go of any feelings that you have that you are not fully dependant on me. Any feelings you have that you can hide anything from me. I want you to feel that you must tell me everything that you are feeling, thinking and considering so that I can decide for you the best course of action for your life. I want you to feel like you are giving over to me who you are, and more importantly who you will become to be. I want you to trust me so much that the person that you will become will be the person that I want so very much for you to be for me and for yourself. I want all of your tears to wash away all of the thoughts that you have of who you might become separate from me and what I want you to become for me. I want your tears to wash away all thoughts that you are separate from me. I want you to give your body, mind and soul over to me, to mold as I see fit, to experience a level of closeness that is only ever dreamed about. However, this must be a gift that you give to me. And one that you continue to give to me every moment of your life. A decision that you continuously make to hand your very being over to me. Is this something that you want? Is this something that you are willing to embark upon with me?
Yes, Mistress. It sounds wonderful. I want you to take me. Let me be alive for you.
Then sweet Donna princess, beg me to spank you, to spank you so hard that you cry, so hard that you shake with the exhaustion of your very being draining from you so that you can be filled up with who I believe you can be for me.
Mistress Blake, my Queen, please sssspannnk mmmmeeee, mmeeeee, uggggh, sooo I cannn beee remade, uggggh, to beeeee, whooo youuuu wantt ttt meeee to beeeee.
There, there, you are sensing the inevitible. I know this is not easy for you, to ask for a spanking from your wife and Mistress, knowing that it will be very painful and you will continue to cry even more. You do see how this is for you own good, and for my good too, for our new relationship together.
Yesssss, I'mmm justtttt scaaaaaredddd, uggggh.
I know, me too. But let's just try it out and see where it brings us. OK?
OK, Mommy... er Mistress.
That's ok sweetie pie. I know that thinking about a spanking probably brings up feelings of being a little boy, or a baby. I have just the thing for you. Now hand me Miss Hairbrush and come over here.
Oh gosh he walked himself into that, very enjoyable.
(05-05-2020, 03:41 PM)afp Wrote: Oh gosh he walked himself into that, very enjoyable.

Glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Next part coming soon.


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